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Harnaam Kaur Is A One Woman Show In The Game of Life

This Story of Harnaam Kaur is an example of self-confidence, inner strength, and belief in self. You will be amazed to know that depression has an end and the end of this depression lies in your own hands.

A Brief Wiki | Bio | Facts About Harnaam Kaur

Name: Harnaam Kaur

D.O.B : 29 / 11 / 1990

Age: 27 yrs

Location: Slough, Berkshire (England)

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Childhood photo of Harnaam Kaur
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The Story behind Harnaam Kaur:

Harnaam Kaur, a 25 year gorgeous looking woman has a lot to convey through her confidence. Apart from working as a teaching assistant in a Sikh Primary School, she is doing the job of motivating thousands of women out there, who believe that they are not good looking. Harnaam is the first beard woman to have grabbed the audience’s attention and sweep them off their feet by her catwalk and sensuous looks; and all this while, we held ourselves back following the criteria of modeling agencies.

I have the absolute humble pleasure of announcing that I have been short listed for the ‘Disruptor/Change Maker of the year 2018’ Award by @cosmopolitanuk X @theofficialpandora Having come this far as a woman who looks like me, works like me, and lives like me, I am appreciative of all the support, love and push that the loved ones around me give! Thank you for this opportunity. Regardless of what the outcome is, Work will still be the same. I promise to strive through the hardships and create a change in society that people will embrace ❤ Being different is easy, but living life different is the challenge. We will do it with all our might and strength. Biggest love to every one nominated ❤ Together we win! 🙌🏾

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Harnaam has been through nightmares, traumas, horrific thoughts, and emotional breakdowns, but she stands so confidently as if her Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is her choice and not a condition. She is a gorgeous woman at heart, who most of the people often mistake as a man. This may look captivating for the readers to laugh, comment, and discuss; however, it is only Harnaam who knows how much it takes to stand up and accept what you are.

Harnam Kaur started getting facial hair that had spread till her chest when she was just 11. She has been through worse phase of life in relation to her beauty, when her relatives and friends were dreaming to become gorgeous. The story behind Harnaam is like a diamond, which is cut from all the corners to increase its value. It is only her inner strength and the support of her family, especially her brother that made Harnaam fight against all odds.

Past Experiences Shared by Harnaam :

Harnaam is a woman, she is a beauty, and she is a definition of self-confidence present in woman. Today, she has a good fan following and receives amazing support from her fans; however her past experiences were worse. There was a time that due to her beardy looks; she tried to commit suicidal attempts several times. She used to harm herself for releasing the stress. People have looked down on her including her loved ones. Harnaam had no friends and no social circle.

On the worse side, Harnaam exempted from working anywhere, locked herself in the house, and would never come out to face the starring and humiliation of people. She was also threatened by people who would throw stones and bricks on her. She found the solution by making up her mind and getting herself Baptised as a Sikh. According to Sikhism, cutting or shaving body hair is forbidden.

Motivational Factor:

This lady gives me goose bumps man! I mean, her self-confidence and inner strength is simply commendable. Being a woman, I can imagine what kind of little trauma we undergo for not shaping our eyebrows timely. She has something in her that drags me to speak about her. We all suffer from life for one or the other, big or small conditions; however, it takes guts to admit that I can face it alone with or without anyone’s support! Harnaam is one of these special examples.

When I first saw Harnaam’s pictures, I had a reaction similar to many and the word that automatically ran in my mind was ‘Weird’. But, then I noticed her clean, pure, and spiritual eyes, which made me scared of thinking of any further comments. She has eyes not everyone has; her purity reflects through her eyes. She has my respect for the courage she has shown to face the world rather hiding from it.

Trust me that it takes guts to accept the insults and still strongly believe, that you deserve to marry, you deserve to be loved, and you deserve to live like all others. What Harnaam is today is something gifted by her god. If we hear preaching that teaches us about humanity and that the almighty is one, I wonder how people can discriminate about Harnaam.

After all the bullying, taunts, and depression, Harnaam has come out as one of the most inspiring ladies for the women who believe that they lack beauty. She inspires me that I should not care about my acne, my blemishes, my mole, and my shapeless figure. If there is someone who knows my value, he will accept me the way I am, subsiding all my negatives.

As per what I have learnt from Harnaam’s story, I believe that we have no rights to be judgmental about anyone. Every person is chosen by the almighty that we pray and believe in. If god is one for us all and if we all belong to Earth, we must respect everyone’s individuality. If we fail to do so, then somewhere I believe that we are ourselves suffering from a mental condition and we must get ourselves treated.

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