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Himanshu Bhatia, Founder of “FullPowerParty – a mobile app that provides location based lifestyle party experiences at affordable prices” Shares His Startup Story

Please tell us about yourself.

My name is Himanshu, and currently I am working with one more co-founder on an app that is revolutionizing the hangout / partying scene in Calcutta. We launched the app on Android called Party and the brand under which we operate is Full Power Party.

To elaborate on our backgrounds and how we ventured on our journey; back from my university days when I was completing engineering studies in the picturesque campus of Panjab University (constantly rated as one of India’s top universities), I started Engineers Without Borders PU Chapter in 2008-09 (North India’s first EWB chapter). Upon completion of Bachelor’s degree, I went to Finland for Management studies and was last working in a strategy role before starting this venture. In the years to follow, I organized world’s first paperless TEDx in Chandigarh, called TEDxCHD.

When and How did you think about FullPowerParty?

In the summer of 2013, I decided to take a leave of absence from my employer in Helsinki, and moved to Gandhinagar, Gujarat to co-found the team called Citizens for Accountable Governance that played an instrumental role in the 2014 General Elections, where my role in conceptualizing the Guinness World Record holding Run For Unity, and the famous Chai Pe Charcha series televised across Indian news created such an impact, that the election result was hardly going to be a surprise. During campaign management support days, our team was able to build a ground-swell of volunteers, some 100,000 in a matter of 10 months and the Indian media dubbed it as one of the most professional run campaigns in Indian history.Full Power PartyOur team loves to party, going out to have fun and overall we are a bunch of happy people. When planning to hang out with friends or go for a party, there used to be always a problem about where to go? Are there any new places? What are the club rules / regulations? So much confusion! That’s why we made an app, to tackle all such issues, one place at a time.

Tell us about your Co-Founders and Team

Well, in late 2015, I started thinking on the concept that is now Full Power Party, and was looking for co-founders. Luckily, Lakshit (co-founder and my brother) came to rescue. At the time, he was working on his concept of Occasion and was incubated at the NASSCOM Warehouse in Kolkata. Having earlier started another start-up in F&B space by the name of The Kebab Kart, on-boarding Lakshit for Full Power Party came in handy and we were able to use the learnings from his experience at Occasion and The Kebab Kart.

Lakshit is currently handling partner operations at Full Power Party, and as for me, I am involved with strategy, marketing, key hires and moving fast towards achieving our internal targets. Our first three employees form our technology team and have been working on the product development from the beginning.

Explain more about FullPowerPart App, What makes it special?

Full Power Party is a mobile app that provides location based lifestyle party experiences for the masses at affordable prices by enabling visibility, accessibility and affordability to your area’s most happening party places. Users choose and book parties from a range of available options – Affordable, Economy, Premium or Special Parties, where our prices are up to 70% lower than the normal walk-in prices and no hidden costs. One interesting thing for parties we have done is to have duration defined for parties available, starting from 1.5 hour onwards, and have multiple time-slots for each day, just like how you go for a movie with a defined duration.

Our journey started with a simple, yet highly useful mobile android app, called Party, which provides real time upcoming and parties available in the close by locations to you. Users benefit with an easy to navigate interface which makes it possible to book their places to party in less than 60 seconds. Users are using the app to book their party passes up to 15 minutes before the party time, and we have provisions for cancellations as well. We never charge extra booking fees from the user. Our aim is to have a party for everyone.

Tell us, what Challenges did you face ?

Setting up Full Power Party was difficult initially, when quitting a well paying job and facing an uncertain future were the deterrents. However, the motivation to build a product that truly solves the party woes was much greater than any of the deterrents, and once you cross on to the other side (read, quit your job), there is nothing to feel sorry for, instead the world is waiting for you to grab the opportunities it presents and to run with it. At Full Power Party, we are the happy people, and it is not our education from the good institutes that moves us everyday, rather it is the passion to impact the lives of the masses, that keeps us pushing the known boundaries further, because if not us, then who else?

Current status and future plans

Full Power Party team was incubated at the NASSCOM Warehouse, in Kolkata. Party app was launched last month in Kolkata with 40+ registered partners (pubs, clubs, bars, lounges, casual restaurants). In our aim to provide a seamless lifestyle party experience that starts from a user opening the app to enjoying the party, we trained our partners’ staff to provide a #fullpowerparty experience to our guests and also introduced Time saver party menus at these party venues. We take a feedback from our users, for every party they attend using the app. We have over 350 app downloads, with more than 330 registered users, 330+ Twitter followers, 450+ Instragram followers, nearing 4,500 likes on our Facebook page.

Visit : fullpowerparty.com | App : Get it on Google Play

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