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Inspirational Life Story of Sir Harpal Singh Kumar : From Being A Refugee To Being a Knight!

Sir Harpal Singh Kumar is a man who has been on both sides of the road. He was born into a refugee family who had to leave everything and come to India after partition. The journey from being a refugee in his own country to being knighted at the Buckingham Palace is nail biting and awe-inspiring.

Sir Harpal Singh is the CEO of the prestigious Cancer Research. The company aims to discover new and unique ways of treating cancer and eradicating it from its root. The results so far have been impressive and very much positive. Sir Harpal Singh aims to see a world free of cancer.

How the base was developed?

After partition, the family of Sir Harpal came to India but soon they left for Britain. His father used to work as a sweeper in a factory initially but later he established a grocery store and since then they have never looked back in life.

Sir Harpal is a MEng and MA degree holder from University of Cambridge. He is also the proud winner of Metal Box, Mobil and Hughes prizes.

About Professional Life

McKinsey hired Sir Harpal as a health consultant soon after his college. It was the year of 1992 when he was appointed as the Chief Executive of the popular Disability Charity commonly known as Pap worth Trust.

Sir Harpal was never meant to work as an employee, he always wanted to do something on his own and inspire people do the same. In the fiscal year 1997, Sir Harpal founded Nexan Group, which was an angel investing company interested in financing startups designing and manufacturing medical devices that could simplify lives.

Since 1997, Sir Harpal has been on a roller coaster ride, it was the year of 2002 when he joined Cancer Research as a Chief Executive, in the year 2004, he was promoted to being the Chief Executive Officer of Cancer Research London and by the time it was 2007, he was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer for the Cancer Research worldwide.

Sir Harpal also holds the position of Trustee for varied institutions. He is the kind of person who will do anything and everything in a matter where Cancer is involved. Cancer is a word that drives his body. He hardly cares about the condition, circumstances, he gets down and works every time he is asked too and probably this is the reason behind the amount of respect he gets wherever he goes.

Sir Harpal also holds a seat of boards in National Cancer Research Institute and Chairs the board meetings of Cancer Outcomes Strategy Advisory Groups.

On Being anointed as a Knight at Buckingham Palace!

Sir Harpal says, “It was a huge surprise and a very big honor” after being Knighted at the Buckingham Palace. Queen Elizabeth II was the one who anointed him as a Knight and gave him the title Sir. Now Sir Harpal drives a certain amount of respect and special privileges across the United Kingdom.

Sir Harpal was knighted for the contribution he has made into the field of Cancer Research. He has handled varied institutes and has worked towards the eradication of cancer hence he was honored with the title. The government of UK takes pride in rewarding Sir Harpal.

We’re now at a point where as many people survive cancer as die from it, the first time in history we’ve been able to say that.

Sir Harpal is someone who is very passionate and you can see that passion in his glittering eyes when he talks about eradicating cancer from the face of this planet. He takes pride in sharing that 40 percent of people who have final stage cancer are surviving and enjoying the rest of their lives.

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Sir Harpal finally goes to bed with a peaceful mind. He has always worked hard to ensure health for everyone, today when things are improving; he takes pride in what he has done with his peers and colleagues.

The world stands and respects the contribution of Sir Harpal to the world.

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