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Dr. Kamal Kar Has Introduced CLTS Approach in 70 countries To Make Them Open Defecation Free

What do you know about Dr. Kamal Kar?

Dr. Kamal Kar has been to 70 different countries with a single mission. What he has achieved is something no less worthy than a Noble Prize. Kamal Kar is one man with a vision, who is on the verge of converting around 70 countries into Open Defecation Fee Countries.

Kamal Kar was visiting Bangladesh when he realized that a person from outside, who knows nothing about a community, their problems, people and language cannot solve issues as efficiently as local people can do. Kamal Kar was their in Bangladesh on behalf of Water Aid and he had a very serious task to handle but the thought of changing the way help is provided to people moved him and a new revolution was started.

Since his visit to Bangladesh, Kamal Kar has worked in more than 60 countries and has changed the way people solve problem.

One of the smartest stories as published in World Bank Group Documentary is:

Once on a visit to Rajshahi, Kamal instructed his team members to not talk to people about toilets or open defecation areas. He just made reputed people from village to pass through the open defecation area and made people realize that all of them are just living on each other’s shit. He made people realize how much shit is being produced on daily basis and also helped them understand that it is affecting the health of old, young and children.

The revolutionary measure helped people understand the side effects of open defecation. He made sure that instead of having separate defecation area developed people start developing toilets because then only it will be possible to save people. Shit is shit, no matter whom it belongs to, it is going to give birth to bacteria and will continue affecting our health.

Dr. Kamal Kar and his visionary life and amazing experiences :

Dr. Kamal Kar has worked as a scientist, trainer and an influencer with many reputed and governmental organization. He has a darn understanding of medical side effects of polluted environments. Kamal has changed the way people look at problem; he has also worked on institutional level to change the way help is provided. It was only after Kamal Kar’s movement that Seminars got their real meaning.

His efforts of working together with common people of every community have helped governments find authentic solutions for innocuous problems. He has worked in more than 60 countries, approximately 70 countries with eradication of open defecation areas.

One can learn more about the varied practices applied by Kamal Kar for inspiring local people to take up cleaning in their hand, here. These are official documents with exact, facts, figure, time and measure of areas affected by the designed policies and trends.

Governments from around the world have appreciated Kamal Kar for the amazing efforts he has made and helped them solve some real problems. Kamal’s team consists of doctors, scientists and fact checkers who come together to find some issues and then meet local people trying to solve those problems.

Image source : governancenow

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