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Meet Kartik Saboo Founder of “KhauGaliDeals.com – India’s First Daily Food Discounts Deals Website” Shares their Journey

About Kartik Saboo 

Kartik saboo is an young entrepreneur from Delhi, founder of Khaugalideals.com . Before starting his company he worked as a professional photographer and he is a graduate.

Extra ordinary journey of a 15 year old Delhi boy Kartik Saboo  who climb over the heights of E Commerce Business in five years and has become a national player in restaurant oriented discount deals through his website called khaugalideals.com currently the company has presence in more than 14 cities all over India including metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai,  Kolkata, Banaglore, Pune and so on. Daily traffic to the website is  20,000, interestingly visitors are more youngsters age group between 17 to 30. So already Khaugalideals has become a talking point among youngsters and it reflects in the business and revenue of the company. Currently the company is having 10,000 restaurants under its banner and every month they are adding 100 plus restaurants to the fold. In the year 2016 company is planning to enter tier three cities of India to exploit the untapped market potential by increasing its restaurant membership to 1 lakh and aiming a revenue generation of 1 core per month. Company has already achieved the seed funding from undisclosed persons and looking forward to its next round of fund generation in this year to the target of 50 crore.

Startup Story Behind KhauGaliDeals

Its all started when the young mind of Kartik illuminated with the idea of starting something on his own personal liking, he described himself as a foodie and wanted to provide the best discount deals on his website for the foodies of the town, the impact of website was amazing, when the revenue started coming in, he thought he could carry out the endeavor as a restaurant based e commerce business.

He launched the website in 2010 and mainly focused on content creation, the website was exclusively for food recipe and focused on it for 1.5 years, response was huge and then he reshaped the website into khaugalideals.com, after its re launch in 2012, they got the first transaction in September 2012, it was for a 26 rupees, then onwards there has been no looking back. The growth of the company is phenomenal, especially all other players in the digital food business are struggling to get finance, they are earning huge revenue and investors are having optimism in it.

The website of the company is designed in such a way that it will attract both customers and restaurant owners, it is the only website where people can upload video reviews from restaurant, its real time and authentic information both customers and restaurant owners are excited about the features of the website and it turns out to be a major attraction for them. The website has introduced “restaurant guide” it provides restaurant details to customers and they have fixed an annual registration fees of 5000 rupees.  Later it has become the primary source of revenue for the company.

Future Plans :

Company is planning to enter into the tier 2 and tier 3 cities to benefit the untapped market in 2016, they are in touch with big brands for alliances in the field of travel and tourism, shopping partners, and coupon partners. The aim of the company is to provide one point solution to all restaurant related queries and be a more accessible domain to both customers and restaurants.  Economic times features them best start up company in the top 6 start ups of India and they also achieved the best top 10 start up company by ET.

Meet Co founder : Supriya Saboo

She is an MBA graduate from ICFAI. She has completed her graduation in Fine Arts from Delhi Collage of Art (Delhi University). She has a vast knowledge in the field of Graphics, Advertising and Business generation.

Supriya Saboo khaugalideals

  • Founded her first company ” masterstrokes advertising pvt ltd ” at the age of just 22 in the year 2009
  • Co founded India’s largest Restaurant discovery and discount deals company Khaugalideals.com in the year 2012
  • Acquired Union Advertising Service (P) Ltd., an INS certified company in the year 2014
  • Masterstrokes advertising caters to 360 degrees marketing and advertising solutions for its clients.
  • Major client list includes National Security Guard(NSG), NHIDCL, Samsung, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Bry-Air (Asia) Pvt. Ltd., to name a few.

She stated that :Khuagalideals is exclusively focusing on restaurant discovery and discount deals. Meanwhile other players are into online food ordering, discount coupons for different enterprises. Our specialty is our uniqueness. We want everyone in the society to have a luxurious restaurant experience through the most affordable price. We are providing up to 70% for restaurant bills. Because of our uniqueness and focus, we have become the only profit making start up in the food tech space.

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Challenges faced by Khaugalideals

As a start up khaugalideals had many challenges, especially with regard to working capital, as they have started their company with personal savings, it was important for them to use the money at the right time for the right purpose. They always maintained a back up fund for urgent situations and never allowed the organization to be ran out of money. Way to success is fiscal responsibility and budget management.

At the end Mr. Kartik has shared a few kind words and feedback about VID

“We are really happy that Viral India Diary has reached out to us. Media platforms like you are an inspiration to emerging start ups and entrepreneurs. Online media and digital entrepreneurs can contribute a lot to society through partnerships and mutual helps.”

VID team Thank you Mr. Kartik for sharing your incredible story. Kudos to you and your team for the success, and wishes you all the very best.

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