Malavath Purna

Meet the Youngest Indian to Have Climbed the Mount Everest at The Age of 13 – Story of Malavath Purna

The inspirational story of this 13 year old girl will leave you stunned! She has everything to raise the fire in your belly and do something unimaginable.

Name: Malavath Purna

Date of Birth : June 10, 2000

Place of Birth: Telangana, India

About Malavath Purna :

Malavath Purna is the first youngest Indian to have climbed Mount Everest at the age of 13. This statement itself is unbelievable to read! She climbed the highest peak of Mount Everest that even the trained mountaineers can’t dream of accomplishing. She was accompanied by one more Indian, Sandhana Palli Anand Kumar. This lady began her journey of her dream from Khammam. Purna is from Nizamabad district of Telangana State, India. She was born in a small village there named, Pakala.

Malavath Purna Mount Everest
image credit : | Malavath Purna (Left)

Her family is from tribal background and she considers all her family members as part of her strength. Her parents are farm labors by profession. Before commencing her journey for Mount Everest, she began trekking to the mountains of Darjeeling and Ladakh. She must be titled as ‘The Mountain Girl’. I am not sure if many of you have seen the classic series of Heidi. According to me, she is the ‘Heidi of the Mountains.’

Her journey to the peak of tenacious Everest Mountain got completed on 25th of May 2014. Although, Purna doesn’t have a strong financial background, but her goals of life are rock-solid. She is just 13, but thinks like a 30 year old woman. She broke the trekking record just after the disastrous news of 16 Sherpa guides who died in the deadliest avalanche ever in the history of Everest Mountain.

A few words spoken by her over the call, taken from the source of; “When I reached the top, I felt too much emotion, too much joy. All around me, beauty – mountains, sunshine, clouds. I could feel God there. I was grateful and too happy.”

While sharing her experience of trekking, she also mentioned that more than the climate, she found uncomfortable with the cold food that tasted awful. She just simply couldn’t stand its smell and taste, but has to gulp it always to keep moving and stay focused in her goal of life.

Another freaking experience by her was to see the remains of the climbers’ bodies, who failed to make it. In one of the press conferences held at Delhi, she stated; “I saw six dead bodies. I was shocked. Oh, my god! I got some fear and immediately I remember my secretary, my parents … and I got my courage and strength, energy.”

Purna also shares her dream and desire to become law-enforcement official to a retired policeman. He is the one who helped in guiding the schoolchildren with the mountaineering/trekking programs. She expresses her gratitude to the policeman by stating in her interview with ; “When I finish my studies, I want to join the police because [of him. It will be my thank-you to him for changing my life.”

Motivational Factor :

For a girl like Purna, nothing is impossible! She is one girl to make the impossible possible. My salute goes to this girl to have displayed courage, determination, and confidence through her actions. Coming from a poor family and a tribal village, where they do not have much of facilities in terms of goal accomplishing, she has fought against all odds.

I loved the way Purna stayed grounded despite the recognition and thanked her teacher – the policeman for all the encouragement to her. It only shows the culture and human qualities inculcated in Purna by her parents. Purna’s achievement must go global and cannot be limited for just a few awards.

If she is determined to this extent at the age of 13, I wonder her success ladder by the time she will be 30. I hope and wish the Government recognizes this ability in her and gives her all that she needs to accomplish her future goals, thereby making the nation proud.

Says who, that boys take care of their parents better! Being a girl Purna makes her family feel proud. She spreads the words of strength, courage, focus, and determination beautifully. I wish every parent make their kids read this story and help them to understand the goals of their life better than anyone else. With this note of pride, I end this story here for the new stories to begin by the great girl Malavath Purna.

Header image source : rural media

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