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Man Kaur : A Sensational Centenarian With A Bag of GOLDIES

Man Kaur is a sensational centenarian, who recently won four gold medals in the World Master Games 2017, held at Auckland, New Zealand, and rocked the world with her amazing performance and inspiring audacity.

Setting an example Man Kaur (athlete) won gold medals in athletic events like 100m and 200m sprint, javelin throw and shot-put. Though in 100yr+ category this year she was the only participant, she duly completed the events, winning acclaim and stupendous appreciation for her courage and effort at that age and stage of life.

Man Kaur’s Journey

Hailing from Chandigarh, Man Kaur is a 101 year old woman of steel has won 20 Gold medals since she started participating in international athletics events at the age of 93.

It all happened when her son Gurdev Singh who is now 78 encouraged her to start running with him. Seeing her zeal and grit he encouraged her to participate in events knowing well that she had it in her to become a star.

Man Kaur : A Perfect Role Model

Even though suffering from multiple age related health problems, Man Kaur is resolute and does all that she can to be able to do best in the Games. She maintains a healthy lifestyle, a nutritious diet including a glass of wheat grass juice and kafir everyday besides excluding junk food entirely from her diet.

Man Kaur 101 year old
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Aged 101, Man Kaur is a mother of three children, grandmother of 10 and great-grandmother of 12.

One thing Man Kaur does like almost all her age is pass off her wisdom to the young by appealing all to eat nutritious healthy food and indulge in games to keep physically as well as mentally fit.And who can be more inspiring than this centenarian who leads by example.                                                                                                                                     Images via source 1  source 2

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