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Superstar Manju Warrier Raises Many Hopes for Women by Launching, ‘She Taxi’

A single movement can uplift so many lives. Similar moment of rejoice and excitement was felt among the women after the sensational actress Manju Warrier launched ‘She Taxi’. This short story will give you a brief of the launch.

Name: Manju Warrier

Birth Place: Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu, India

Profession: Actor and Brand Ambassador of ‘She Taxi’

About Manju Warrier:

Manju Warrier is a well-known actress and quite a personality in Malayalam film industry. She is successful and inspirational. Manju Warrier is regarded among the leading and most prominent actresses in Malayalam Industry. She also has a sibling, Madhu Warrier, who is an actor too. She is divorced and has a beautiful daughter named, Meenakshi.

Although, she has won a good number of awards in her acting career and academic life, one of the major reasons of her recent popularity is the brand ambassadorship of She Taxi. She will be the brand face for this goodwill released by the Government of Kerala. Big names and sectors like; Kerala State Women Development Corporation, Technopark Rain Concert Technologies, and Maruti Suzuki Ltd. are contributors and associates in the project.

Manju Warrier is excited and proud for being a part of this movement and she has personally volunteered to support the women drivers and transport sector. These taxis are expected to run 24/7 and will mainly focus on the women traveling alone or with families. A toll free number is associated to make the bookings through the customer care center that passengers will be connected to.

In brief, ‘She Taxis’ will be owned by women, driven by women, and will be meant for women passengers. It is a great movement encouraged by Manju Warrier to bring gender equality in the society. In a broader sense, this will bring some sense of relief from the women security issues, especially those traveling at odd hours.


‘When life shows difficulty and you see no change, you must change yourself to be tougher.’

_Shruti Sharma

In one of the interviews, the gorgeous actress expressed her views by stating; “As someone who has had first-hand experience of the difficulties and worries of traveling in unfamiliar cities at odd hours, I know how important a service of this kind will be to women. I’m sure this is an idea that will catch on quick. I also respect the women who have come forward to operate these taxis, given the challenges they are expected to face in a male-dominated business.”

From the technical point of view, all the She Taxis will have a unique identification code and a unique vehicle number stored on mobile phones. The vehicles will be tracked in a control room ensuring the safety of passengers as well as She Taxi drivers. These cabs will also have an electronic payment system, giving the flexibility to the travelers to pay by debit/credit card. This point is valid as sometimes, women find it unsafe to carry cash with them at nights.

Motivational Message:

Some people keep making excuses about the issues in the society, while some take a stand and make changes. Manju Warrier is one of the prominent and successful actresses who could have easily relaxed in her luxurious house enjoying a peaceful sleep. However, her recent news about volunteering the improvement of transport system for women by launching ‘She Taxi’ has made everyone proud.

Women have been scared and insecure about their safety of traveling at late nights. Many women had to leave good opportunities of working with BPOs due to night shifts. They found it difficult to trust the male drivers, especially when someone was the last to be dropped. ‘She Taxi’ has brought some relief in terms of the security of women, as they will have women drivers with them. On the other end, it will also rise up the employment rate for women.

Where there is a will, there is a way, isn’t that true? Our society can be changed by simple steps, but we wait endlessly for someone to take the first step. There are so many issues that can be sorted easily rather making debates on it, for instance, dowry, girl child education, women employment, etc.

Manju Warrier is a true warrior to have supported in the battle of safety issues of women. You do not have to necessarily be in a top role to make changes in the society, if you have the will to begin, there will be a way which will follow you soon. Just trust your instinct and make the first move.

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