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Meet Akbar Khan Founder and CEO of “Mecurachild.com – Mecura India aimed at revolutionizing Child Healthcare in India” Shares Their Startup Story

Please tell us about yourself.

Myself Akbar Khan, Founder & CEO of Mecura and I am currently pursuing Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from SRM University. My keen interest in entrepreneurship has enabled him to start Mecura through which parents can track the medical records of their children with just the click of a button.I have grew up in Kolkata, (West Bengal) “The city of Joy” which taught me handwork, dedication and, enormous empathy for others. Right from the beginning I was involved in many aspects of my parents’ businesses in different forms. As I have grown up  in my father office .

I trusted myself that if I kept my head up and my heart open, good things will come into my life. And I’m glad I listened to myself .

Journey of every start up is not easy.There are some many hustle and challenges you have to come across. We had to deal with extreme challenges from the first day Mecura was founded. As I’m in still in college, time is the real challenge  . My father taught me to never give up and I kept working day and night. I had to leave my college classes to attend a Start-Up meet for networking. Due to an excellent team, parent’s support and business model, we got many opportunities from investors. We were the among top five startups selected in IIT Bombay JS Innovation Lab and were among 40 start-ups to get selected in BioAsia convention.

Tell us about Mecura.

We are a bunch of young minds that plan to create a one-of- a-kind Child Healthcare System all over India. Mecura India offers services like General Health Check-Up, Screening Tests, Electronic Medical Records, Parental & Social Counseling, Interactive Health Workshops, Health Blogs, Online Consultants, etc to children in the age group of 5-14 years.

mecura founder

When and how did you think about Mecura?

Mecura idea pops up when I was in second year of engineering. I always wanted to something very different from others. I used to stay in hostel in school  and  I used to go home only in holidays(summer and winter) from the hostel and there were only telephonic conversations with parents. There I had a sinus problem which was not known to my parents and this diseases was reached to its final stage where I was sneezing whenever the weather changes or from dust. After I came out of the hostel, my parents saw my sneezing problem and now I’m in medication period. While doing my engineering course I felt that there should be something for the parents to keep track of their child healthcare from very beginning where anything can be cure on early stage and can be prevented. From there I started my Mecura Journey.

What makes you special and how is it different from others?

Our innovative website & mobile app will help children & parents keep a constant tab on their health status. We aim to bridge the gap between school-going children & the necessary health care they should get. The younger generation is an invaluable asset to our country and its time we do something to keep them healthy. The motive behind bringing this technology for parents to get more involved in their child health care. We don’t go to doctor until and unless we fall sick, its very true and all medical records are paper based. Mecura bring a platform for parents where they can keep track of their child health care through our application and website from anywhere around the world.

Introduce your Co-Founders and Team.

We called ourselves as A-team. Mecura have the best experience people who work 24x7 .

Ankush Malhotra – CTO of Mecura

Dr.Saquib Hussain – Marketing Head

Aquib Hasnain – Head of Operation

Niishnat Bhardwaj – Mecura Mentor

Zarin Maruf – School Operation

Afroz Khan – School Operation

Mecura have three doctor as advisory :

Dr Mainul Hossain-Senior General Physician Honorary Secretary, IMA Kidderpore Branch, Kolkata.

Dr.Jamal Khan-MBBS,DCF and fellow in pediatric cardiology Consultant pediatrician and Neonatologist.

Dr Sandip Kumar Ray -Senior Faculty ,Medicine Community.

What challenges did you face while setting up MeCura ?

Mecura  faced lots of problem with the founding team. Not every start up grow with their founding team. As I’m still in college, time is big challenge for me, I missed my class and attend all the entrepreneurship summit for networking and connection. During the Mecura journey people do not stand with your idea and they try to pull your legs down and this happen to me many times but my family supported me all the times. I personally visited around more than 60 random houses to talk to the parents regarding their child healthcare and some parents just shut their doors just because they think about us as sales man but many have given us positive response. Currently Mecura have more 30 plus students wings team in two cities and we have done our two pilot service in Kolkata and Jaipur. We have screen more than 500 students and number is still growing. Mecura was featured among top five start up in IIT Bombay Entrepreneurs summit 2016 in crowd funding where we got the opportunity for incubation from JS Innovation Lab and also Mecura was featured among top 40 start up in BioAsia healthcare Convention in Hyderabad 2016.

Message to readers: I have not fallow to those people who have done great job but I have follow my passion. If you want to something in life, just do it. As Every idea is great until and unless it have the execution plan. Don’t think, do it. Don’t stand in the crowd where everyone o the same things but be the one which others are not.

Dreams are free for everyone but hustle are sold separately

What’s the present status and future plans?

Currently we are running a pilot Service where we have screen around 5oo students in kolkata & Jaipur.

Due to an excellent team, parent’s support and business model, we got many opportunities from investors. We were the among top five startups selected in IIT Bombay JS Innovation Lab and were among 40 start-ups to get selected in BioAsia. Healthcare convention also Mecura was featured among top 32 start up in Impact chapter in Hyderabad 2016.

Mecura have planned to reached and screen more than 1 Lakh students in next three years.

Would you like to share your feedback about VID?

VID is a good platform for up coming start up where they can showcase their start up journey and reached to many people through this platform. I’m really looking forward.

Vist : mecurachild.com

Facebook : facebook.com/MecuraIndia

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