Medicine Baba Omkar Nath Sharma

Meet the Medicine Monk ‘Omkar Nath Sharma’ Who Distributes Free Medicines to the Needy

Full Name : Omkar Nath Sharma

Profession : Medicine Monk

Age : 79 (About)

Titled As: Medicine Baba

About Omkar Nath Sharma (Medicine Baba):

Omkar Nath Sharma was born and raised in India and is highly recognized as the ‘Medicine Monk.’ Despite his age, he continues to keep going towards his goal of helping as many families to survive. Before this objective, Omkar has served as a blood bank technician in Greater Noida.

Presently, he is working with a team on a common goal of collecting unused medicines from people, and distribute free of cost to those who can’t afford it. The thought of this noble cause began with him alone and the journey wasn’t that easy as it seems. Read his further story to know how it started and where it landed.

The news of Delhi Metro under-construction bridge collapse in 2008 changed his life. The tragic incident made him realize that hospitals do very little for the laborers. Most hospitals often back off to save lives with excuses of medicine shortage at their pharmacy stores. These poor people have to choose death instead begging for expensive medicines at the stores.

The thought of how poor people live waiting for their death after being injured or ill shattered him to an extent that decided to do something for them. With little powers and freedom in his hands, he thought to find an alternative rather sitting idle and watching this nonsense continue. It’s been eight years from then Omkar Nath Sharma wakes up at 6 in the morning, wears a saffron kurta, and goes door to door to collect unused medicines from people of Delhi.  He further distributes these medicines to charitable hospitals, clinics, trusts, and NGOs.

Omkar Nath Sharma walks for 5 to 6 kilometers every day for this noble cause as he cannot afford the metro rail fare.

Omkar Nath Sharma is himself crippled due to a car accident when he was 12, but he has never let his spirit of humanity die in him. He uses his senior citizen pass to ride by bus and walks on areas where buses do not go. He beautifully arranges the medicines, names these, mentions the expiry date, manufacturer name, and details from where he collected it from.

Omkar has a supportive wife and a 44 year old mentally challenged son. Life has not been as easy for him and it isn’t easy for anyone; people like Omkar decide to make life happening by helping others to live.

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Motivational factor about Omkar Nath Sharma :

Apart from a medicine man, he is a surely a motivational man who has inspired many people by his small attempts to make life bigger and better for others. I feel honored to write something about someone like him, as I can relate his effortless journey of humanity.

I strongly believe that it’s because of people like Omkar Nath Sharma; we are living in a peaceful and human environment. After knowing about this man, I firmly agree that humanity exists. I don’t disagree with the thought of people considering him as a god or an angel in their lives.

It only takes a few seconds to think about someone who can be happy through you.

The objective of the story of Omkar is not to expect you to collect medicines, but to let the humanity remain alive in you. Think of the various ways to help people in need. There was a time when money did not matter the most, people used to barter for each other’s need and the world still existed peacefully at that time.

You may help someone to cross the road, submit your extra food to someone in need, or simply help the needy person with some cash rather donating at the temples. These things may be small efforts, but they make a big difference if majority of us start doing it. People have questioned on Omkar’s loyalty too, they often through if he resells the medicines to make personal profits. His continuous attempt and decision made him reach a level, where people courier him medicines internationally too.

Message :

If you strongly believe in your religious books, pick any; they speak about Karma. No book will teach you to donate at the temples or buy expensive things to decorate the idol. God stays and exists in our heart and it feels great when you help someone in need. This is exactly what the medicine man – Omkar Nath Sharma is following.

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