Meet Meeta Gutgutia Founder of “GiftsbyMeeta an Emerging Gifting Firm Powered by Robust Delivery Chain” Shares Their Motivational Story

GiftsbyMeeta, Founder: Meeta Gutgutia (LinkedIn)

Establishment Year and Place: 2013, New Delhi, India

Spouse:  Vikash Gutgutia, Founder of FNP Group, India’s largest retail floral Chain

Native Place:  New Delhi, India

Educational Background: Fashion Designer.

Profession: Creative Director, the FNP Group for more than 15 Years

GiftsbyMeeta and the Idea Behind Inception :

The online gifting firm, GiftsbyMeeta was established in 2013 by Meeta Gutgutia, her husband, Mr. Vikash Gutgutia is the owner of the FNP group, India’s largest retail floral chain. With years of experience as a creative director at FNP group, she turned her excellent creativity and innovation into a massive array of adorable gifts and GiftsbyMeeta as an online gifting portal is that window to access those impeccable gifting articles. Finding of occasion specific gifts or individual-centric presents were limited and not hassle free as we had to go one shop to another and the options were limited to flowers, teddies, cards or photo frames.

The Story and the Journey So Far:

Her professional expertise as a fashion designer wanted to produce the affordable and hassle free gifting solutions, the thoughtful, creative, and occasion specific gifts for the all age people. The presentation of gifts with right categorization to the intriguing wrapping and then doorstep delivery irrespective of a geo-location is heart process at GiftsbyMeeta. In order to ensure the access of gifting for all range of pocket limits, in order to do the fair dealing with her unmatchable creativity in products designing, and in order to ensure the memorable celebration for all class of people by giving them an adorable gifting option, she started GiftsbyMeeta. Despite her comfortable life, and a thousand crore family business firm, FNP group, she worked hard to make the gifting simpler, affordable, and meaningful, for all classes and age groups of people.

The Team Members: The smart, experienced and innovative employees with the efficient and visionary leadership are the backbone of any company and GiftsbyMeeta has right team composition along these lines. The digital marketing team, the product designing team, the logistic team, the customer support team, the R&D team, the quality maintenance team, and tech-support team at GiftsbyMeeta is very efficient, creative and productive.

What Makes GiftsbyMeeta Distinguished from Other Players?

1. You can buy online gifts for almost every small and local festivals of any corner of the country and world. The offering of specific gifting solutions for specific individual, location, age group, and relationship is the great specialty of GiftsbyMeeta. In addition, GiftsbyMeeta offers a large array of gifts exclusively designed and combined for a particular location with added the local stuff and the flavor of a particular location. Such gifting combo includes the products which are related to the traditions of a particular location, the food habits, the sacred things, and the home décor style of the people of a particular city or state.

2. The robust delivery means the ensured delivery in the given time limit, the delivery for the every corner of the globe, the delivery at the right time for any occasion and at affordable cost. GiftsbyMeeta has the range of delivery services as per the location but ensured delivery at any corner of the globe. Under our robust delivery network, we have covered all international destinations that take maximum 2 to 7 days. For the domestic locations, we have same day delivery in more than 350 cities, we have a standard delivery for personalized products that takes 2 to 6 days, and we have hourly delivery services for Delhi NCR location that takes maximum 6 hours. Additionally, we have the mid-night delivery for flowers and cakes in almost every tier1 and tier 2 cities.

Why Gifting Industry?

Now, India is the third largest economy in the world (based on PPP), sixth largest country GDP-wise, in fact, India is one of the most prosperous countries in the world. And when the purchasing capacity of a country is high, people spend a lot on the luxurious things and gifting is one among those luxurious things. So there is great scope for the gifting industry in our country. We have more than 65% population under 35 years age group and youth loves to buy and exchange gifts. In fact, India is one of the world’s most shining destinations for any business domain. The online shopping trend is growing with exponential rate, the transportation network is growing at an attractive rate and now we have very smooth connectivity to any remote area of the country. The per capita incomes are improving with the faster rates and these are the positive factors that ensure the bright future for gifting industry in India.

Funding and Expansion :

GiftsbyMeeta is a profit making company since the beginning so we have not yet been funded by any organization. For the next financial year, we are planning for more aggressive marketing and expansion but yet there is no such fund crunch. For any unforeseen circumstances, we have been blessed with FNP group’s financial resources so we are not looking for any funding or investments.

The Future Ahead: We are very soon going to launch the vendors’ product listing services; the home delivery within few hours will be available in more cities than only Delhi NCR as of now. We are partnering with more international stores or vendors to give the better access of our products to our International or NRI customers and so on.

The GiftsbyMeeta in Nutshell and the Message from: – GiftsbyMeeta is a success story of a lady who said no to her own comfort to bring the priceless smiles on other’s face. Meeta Gutgutia, the co-owner of FNP group, a company valued more than 1000 crore, left her comfortable life, deployed herself to make the gifting simpler and affordable for the mass.

Message: If a business start with the aim of earning money, it’s extremely hard to succeed but if you start a business that aims to make the life simpler of people, to curate your innovation and creativity, you become the brand and the money will have to come.

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