Mehak Mirza Prabhu

Motivational Story : How A Story Teller was Born!

About Mehak Mirza Prabhu

Tejal Prabhu, Was born in a simple Maharashtrian family in a joint family. Lived very normal emotionally secured and financially stress free life till she reached the age of 19. That was the last year of her college, 2001. Few months before the exams her world suddenly was destroyed. Her entire family met with a brutal accident on the Mumbai Goa route. The 19 year old grew up overnight. Her plans of further giving tybcom exams which were due in 3 months, then going ahead with MBA and etc etc were shattered.

She does not know how she survived that but she excelled in her Bcom exams standing second in her college (mithibai). Then she took over her father’s business, an ad agency called Anand graphics , which was the verge of bankruptcy. Also took the responsibility of her grand mother, the sole surviving member of the Prabhu family.

Once again life took a twist. She got married at the age of 22 and had a beautiful baby at the age of 23. With ups and downs, that she avoids pondering on, finally at the age of 30 she got a divorce.

There starred a journey of building up life back from scratch but this time along with her beautiful 8 years old daughter that she dots on and who is the center of her life.

She build up a business of corporate gifting called Outbox Gufting in collaboration with Rilisons Impex Pvt ltd. She has extremely high regards for the owners of this company to put their faith in her. But life again had another plan for her. Writing as a medium of expression was introduced to her.

She penned poems but the medium restricted her thoughts, she thought of writing a novel but realized she lacked the patience and slowly this experimentation led to the birth of the story teller in her.

Present Life : 

Today she is a Storyteller who goes by the pen name Mehak Mirza Prabhu. She writes her own short stories and narrated in Hindi, Urdu, Marathi and English. : Youtube

She also brings to storytelling at unique combination of music and stories in collaboration with Mohammad Muneem Nazir the poet and lead vocalist of band Alif : Watch here Youtube

And soon a marathi story will be released in Marathi : Youtube

Blogger at Half baked beans :

Loved for her concepts of instabook – short stories through 10 insta posts :

Other recent venture :


She has recently launched a page for new Storytellers to post their stories. To get tips in sharpening their art.

She aims to revive the dying art of original story telling for adults. | Facebook

An entrepreneur, a dedicated mother, a writer, a story teller, a blogger at Half baked beans, a motivation and inspiration for all who truly believes that women are blessed with immense creativity and strength. All that needs to be done to dig deep and not to be scared to accept your capacity.

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