Minu Pauline

Minu Pauline Installs a Refrigerator outside Her Restaurant to Preserve Food for the Needy

Minu’s unique restaurant story of serving the needy by way of a refrigerator (Tree of Goodness) is an amazing one. She needed no time to think of this innovative idea that has helped many people starving for food. Read this story to know more about her thoughts. (Photo via facebook.com)

Name: Minu Pauline

Profession: Restaurant Owner

Location: Kerala

Interesting thoughts about Minu Pauline:

Minu Pauline is the owner of a restaurant named, Pappadavada. She is managing her business very well and has been successful in her own way. What makes her more special is the thought of storing the leftover or excess food for the needy that otherwise look for food in the garbage cans.

The restaurant is opened in Kerala, where Minu has beautifully raised this concept of serving the food to the needy by installing a fridge at the entrance of her property. The thought originated in her mind, while she was cleaning her new restaurant at late night; she saw few homeless and starving people searching for food in the garbage to make their one time meal.

Minu Pauline Pappadvada
Image via facebook.com

In one of her interviews with The Hindu she expressed her pain of watching these hungry people on the streets, craving for some food. Sometimes, we order food that we don’t finish on our plates and then there are those who couldn’t even afford to buy the leftover. Her concept is unique and very thoughtful. The food preserved in the fridge for the needy is either donated by the outsiders from their home or taken from her guests at the restaurants who order in excess.

So far, the concept is managing to store 50 packets a day for the needy. She also has a team who pay close focus on the quality of the food as well as the storage deadline. A few words shared by Minu were; “So many people are wasting so much food and someone is taking that food from the same trash.”

As per the method of storing the food, every packet has a date mentioned. Homeless, hungry, and other needy people can take whatever they need, anytime of the day. Moreover, the electricity bill of the refrigerator is borne by the restaurant. The name of the fridge only reflects her human values. She has named the refrigerator, ‘nanma maram’, which means ‘tree of goodness.’

There is no lock on the refrigerator and she keeps it open for all. Those who need food to feed their stomach can comfortably grab it from this place rather facing the embarrassment of begging for it. Some people are so touched by Pauline’s divine thoughts that they are willing to buy food specifically for the needy. However, Pauline politely asks them to refrain it as she does not wish to be called it as a business and also she follows the concept of no food wastage. She has a lot saved in her amazing heart for the underprivileged.

Motivational Message by Minu Pauline:

I am amazed to see this pretty lady who is young with very deep and bright thoughts. She is truly an angel to all those who sleep with an empty stomach. The thought of no food wastage is yet another commendable concept raised by Pauline. I am truly blessed to know about someone who is so good at heart and soul.

Her divine thoughts have raised awareness in so many people that the blessings keep showering upon her. As a practice, I have been following a similar practice of handing over the leftover food to the needy on the streets. Without fail, we ask a parcel of the leftover food from the hotel and give it on our way to those who need it. I feel proud and satisfied to know that there are many people like Minu Pauline who have similar thoughts of saving food.

More than Minu, I feel proud of her parents, who have inculcated such good culture and wisdom in her. She is truly an inspiration to many in her own way and style. The more I write about her, more proud I feel. You may check some of her pictures along with the restaurant on the web. A simple lady with thoughtful mind, who is living in this world with a mission to serve people in need; if you too believe that this is a simple task then why are you still waiting to begin?

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