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Viren Roy Chetal Co-Founder of ‘Motherhuts – Home food delivery service’ Shares His Startup Story

Motherhuts Interview & Startup Story

Meet Motherhuts Co-Founders

My name is Viren Roy Chetal & I am the Co-Founder of Motherhuts. I take care of the product strategy and vision at Motherhuts.

By education I am an engineer.

By the end of the third year during my engineering I started engaging in entrepreneurship and was very keen on learning more about it. I love creating strategies and solving problems which help society become a better place to live.

Cricket is my all time love and favorite sport which I have been playing since my childhood and is something I like to play in my free time.

Q. When and How did you think about Mother Huts?

When Gobinda & I were working for an organization together in 2019, the organization did not provide lunch in the afternoon which was problematic and we on a daily basis had to spend time deciding what to order which was leading to an unhealthy diet.

Motherhuts startup story and interview
Motherhuts Website

This is when came up with the idea of Motherhuts. We observed that this is a problem which a huge number of people are facing and Motherhuts can be the solution to this.

Q. From whom you got inspiration to start MotherHuts and Who is your mentor?

Although the source of my creativity is fueled by many things such as nature, travel, personal transformation, poetry, sports and all things colourful, I find my deepest well of inspiration simply in the *process* of creating something out of nothing.

On a personal note, I am inspired by a lot of successful entrepreneurs and I try to adapt positive points from each of them.

My partner Gobinda had gained little experience while working with Ashish Vazirani, Founder, FacultyBox and has helped us a lot during our initial process of the startup.

Q. Introduce your Co-Founder/Founders and Team.

Myself Viren Roy Chetal

Viren Roy Chetal co founder mother huts

The other Co-Founder along side me is Gobinda Malakar.

About Gobinda Malakar:

Mother huts co founder Gobinda Malakar

I assist the team on sales and Operations and maintaining the cashflow of Motherhuts.

By education I have done my MBA and have worked on a startup company from the first
semester closely with the CEO, Founder of the company, I was handling the sales and social media strategies of the company.

I developed a few other models before starting Motherhuts but could not get the idea converted from paper, but that made me learn a few things which helped me to support my partner in the current startup.

My hobby and passion is acting, i have tried my skills in a few short movies and currently
working on a bigger project. We are a team of six core members right now.

The other four members in the team are:

Rashmi Kerimath – Technology

Rashmi take cares of the entire technology at Motherhuts. She has helped us build an amazing website/webapp from scratch.

Her focus is on creating an easy to use home food ordering online platform for people.

Namrata Gowda – Public Relations

Namrata has been a part of Motherhuts since the very beginning. She started with looking after the sales and later moved to public relations. She enjoys talking to people and build

Imran Landur – Sales

Imran takes care of the sales and ensures we keep increasing the number of customers. Imran also focuses on onboarding new home chefs for the new regions we expand.

Aishwarya Singh – Social Media Marketing

Aishwarya takes care of the social media marketing for Motherhuts.

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Q. Explain more about MotherHuts, What makes you special and How you think is it different from others similar startups?

We understand the problem of having a proper meal, corp-orates and students hardly get time to cook during lunch and they start ordering online and satisfy themselves by eating the same junk food everyday and paying a huge amount.

We have brought the home cooked meal with lesser price delivered at your doorstep everyday.

What makes us different is the model that we provide the customers. Our home chefs are not bounded to come at a particular place to cook. We allow them to cook from their very own houses and we collect the packed meals from their houses and deliver it to the customers.

Pricing that we offer to the people is highly affordable when compared to the other competitors in the market. Hence this becomes a major difference as well.

Q. What challenges did you face while setting up MotherHuts?

The first challenge was to find and on-board the right people for the team, people who believed and saw potential in the idea of Motherhuts.

Challenges while setting up Motherhuts was coming to a conclusion on the pricing and model we can offer the customers. We had to keep the amount which will be affordable to the customers and at the same time challenging to the other competitors.

Also, we had to take care of how to manage deliveries across multiple locations in Bangalore. We did a substantial amount of market research to identify the right cost and model for Motherhuts.

Since we are bootstrapping the entire startup and are not funded, it becomes difficult for us to invest a lot money on certain aspects which become a challenge. Hence we have to maintain the financial tracker and cashflow of the company so that we do not run out of money.

Q. What’s the Current Path, MotherHuts‘s Funding Status and What are the Future plans?

Currently we are working on tying up with corporate companies, which can provide us with their employees as our customers for lunch delivery. Also, we are planning to expand in more locations post COVID’19.

As of now, we are not focusing on raising funds, we would like to make our place in the market first, increase our customer base and then target funding.

MotherHut’s Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn

A few words about VID at the end.

I believe Viral Indian Diary is doing an amazing job in bringing inspirational startup stories from across the country.

I have been following them and I actually find it to be a perfect place for people to share entrepreneurial experiences and get inspired.

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