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Motivational Story Of A 7 Year Old Boy How He Brings Life After Death

Name: Deyaan Udani

Age: 7 years

Place of Birth: Sydney, Australia

Current Status: No More

Deyaan Udani’s Little Journey :

An Australian boy of 7 years never thought his innocent eyes will close down forever in such a tender age. However, he did not die a normal death physically and practically. He had a blood clot in his brain and he suffered from severe headaches during his trip to India.

Deyaan did something at the age of 7 that we can never imagine even while ageing. His schooling taught the kids organ donation that was taken on a serious note by this little angel. Yes! He was indeed an angel sent from the heaven to serve the purpose of saving 4 lives. Deyaan donated his heart, kidney, and liver to three children and an adult, while taking his last breaths.

His supportive parents gave full support when he expressed his desire to donate the organs if he dies in future. However, no one knew that the day would come so soon. Deyaan was last treated at a hospital in Mumbai, India. He came to India on a family holiday and took a break forever from this world. He became India’s youngest donor and perhaps, the most pious human being on Earth.

Giving life to others is living again through many….

_Shruti Sharma

Motivational Factor

Who says children are immature and innocent. A 7 year little one leaves a heart touching message to the world. If I have to ask myself to have the guts to donate my organs to someone, I may think twice. Hats off to him, who broke all his kiddish insecurities and gave his organs wholeheartedly to others in need.

Most of the parents today, train their kids to not to share their stuff with their peers, as they expect their kids to value the efforts taken by their parents in buying these stuff. I am amazed to see the emotions inculcated by the parents of this child who never thought twice to donate his organs. In fact, Deyaan’s mother has also donated her organs post her death.

Life is a journey and if a journey is as giving as this, I don’t think anyone in this world would be greedy or selfish. The world of spirituality says that we come alone and leave alone from this world. Deyaan is a true symbol of humanity, who proved that even the body does not belong to us. He left the world so soon, but will be remembered for ages. His sacrifice will not go in vain. I am truly touched by this little boy who made me shattered by his good deeds. I realized that it is easy to boast about self so much, but difficult when it comes to proving things right.

If karma reciprocates, then I strongly believe that Deyaan has taken birth again in the most dignified and respectable manner. So far, I have heard sacrifices from the mother of soldiers, who have sent their sons to army without hesitation. These mothers not only sacrifice their sons` life, but their own dreams and hope to live just to make us safe. Deyaan was a true soldier to save the life of three children and an adult, without giving it a second thought.

I believe that we do not have to put our kids to army or hostel to make them disciplined kids; In fact, the discipline starts from right parenting and schooling. I would also like to appreciate the schools who take initiatives to let the kids know the importance of caring for others and saving their lives. Deyaan passed away on last Saturday of January, 2016, and left behind many good and inspiring memories to others. After reading about Deyaan’s efforts to give life to others, I also feel like donating my organs and saving as many lives as I could.

Our bodies any way get rotten once we die, but if we wish to live even after death, let our organs get transplanted once we finish our journey from this world, to someone who needs it. This way, I guess I will live forever in someone’s heart. Deyaan changed the mindset of many people including me and I truly respect him for this sacrifice that will never go in vain.  

If you think changing the world is not possible by one man, what do you think about this little boy who drives more than 3000 people to pledge and donate their organs?

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