Narayanan Krishnan

Narayanan Krishnan, an Award Winning Chef Serves Food and Shaves the Elderly For Free

The story of Narayanan Krishnan will melt many hearts. It truly takes courage to leave a well settled career and serve people with no personal objectives, except for one, ‘Peace’.

Name: Narayanan Krishnan

Profession: Chef, Social Worker

Location: Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India

Interesting Facts about Narayanan Krishnan:

In the beautiful and peaceful city of Madurai, Tamil Nadu, resides this amazing personality, Narayan Krishnan. During his career as a chef, Krishnan has worked with Taj Hotels, Bangalore. He was also given the opportunity to work for a top position in Switzerland.

One incident changed his life, career, and thoughts completely for good. Krishnan once saw an old man eating his own feces out of sheer hunger and starvation. He couldn’t believe his eyes and rushed to a hotel to buy some food for him. When Krishnan gave him the food, he was shocked to see a man eating so fast, while the man’s tears were flowing out of happiness for the food received.

Instead of covering the mouth with disgust and passing by the man just like others, Krishnan showed human values. This incident took place somewhere in 2002 when Krishnan quit his job and started feeding the elders for free. His objectives of serving the people did not end there. He founded a non-profitable organization in 2003, Akshaya Trust Organization. It serves three times meals to 400+ poor, homeless, mentally challenged, and elderly people in Madurai. Moreover, Krishnan also shaves and does hair cut on those whom he serves.(CNN)

Krishnan was a top chef during his time and he feels no regrets to have left his career for a good cause that he opted for self. He feels great satisfaction in cooking for people of his hometown. He thought whether it would satisfy him to serve guests at a five star hotel, or feed people of his own town. Finally, the thought that his people need him more helped him to take a firm decision.

Achievements and Rewards:


  • No reward and award can return the honor for what Narayanan Krishnan is doing. He was an award winning chef at Taj Hotels, Bangalore.
  • There is a movie based on Narayanan Krishnan’s deeds, ‘Ustad Hotel.’ The movie explains Krishnan’s noble deeds and his thoughts very beautifully.
  • This is not the end for Krishnan’s awards. The love and blessings that he has achieved from these people is way beyond any award and recognition.

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Motivational Factor about Narayanan Krishnan:

WOW! What a man of deeds. I am speechless to express what pride I am going through to believe that people like Narayanan Krishnan actually exist. He reminds me about one of the very first few stories I have written about, Kalyanasundaram. I can’t believe when I read that Krishnan actually left his career for the noble cause of people in his hometown.

My respect to this man as he is doing something that I have never heard before. He knows the essence of human values and humanity at large. I have heard about people who run charitable trusts with the objective of earning their own profits, but this guy is real! The way he left his job to care for his people shows it all by his acts.

Working abroad in one of the top roles is a dream for us all. Very rare people actually get this dream come true. The opportunity to work in one of the dream destinations, Switzerland, knocked the door of Krishnan. However, it was his choice to pick between a satisfied role and a peaceful soul. Krishnan is a true inspiration to us all who believes in serving people for free.

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He has no other objective except for loving and caring them. The people on the streets have no hopes to live a luxurious life. All they need is a touch that we care. Many people often ignore them as street parasites and forget that they have a heart too that beats and a stomach with needs. While I am writing a story about Krishnan, he would be busy feeding the meals to the needy somewhere on the streets of Madurai. His thoughts and beliefs in humanity is a great message for us all who prefer to waste the food in the bin, rather serving it on the plate of those who need it.

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