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Neerav Jain Founder of “CityFurnish – An Online platform to Rent Premium Furniture and Appliances in India” Shares Their Startup Story

About Neerav Jain

Neerav is born and brought up in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, city famous for majestic forts and splendid furniture. With family roots deep in furniture industry, Neerav always had an inclination for starting renting in the furniture space. This idea was further established when Neerav felt the need for the same while studying in KMC, DU, the hassle to get furniture and then dispose was a major challenge.

Whilst, Neerav had interned with Pepperfry in Exports Sales and was also handling Exports for his family business – Chandra Shekhar Exports. For one such project, Neerav had traveled to Netherlands, and there the idea took shape under the Lean Launchpad Program of Utrecht University.

Finally, Neerav took the plunge and started CityFurnish in October first week working from his flat in Gurgaon.

How did CityFurnish’s journey start?

CityFurnish as an idea was germinating inside Neerav’s head from quite a long time, the need for temporary furnishing while studying in DU and the major cost involved in purchasing the same led Neerav to start CityFurnish.

As Neerav had felt the need for a temporary furnishing solution and was surprised to find out that this sector was still unorganized and had very few players in the organized market.

While attending the Lean Launchpad Program, Neerav and his team did research and undertook interviews to understand the market and size. Once the idea was validated, it was a matter of execution.

It is formed with the idea to revolutionize the rental economy in India by making renting affordable and easy.

Providing a one-stop-solution of Furniture, furnishing and appliances so that the customer’s needs are fulfilled at one single point.

About Team.

Neerav started CityFurnish in October first week, his background of Furniture industry helped him setup his operations in Gurgaon.

Neerav major role is team building and driving sales while focusing on marketing as well.

Saurabh, IIT alumnus, joined in as a partner in December, coming from a corporate background with work experience of more than 10 years. Saurabh brought in stability and technology for innovating how renting will be done in India.

What makes you special and how is it different from others?

CityFurnish is focused on solving customer’s problem of temporary furnishing by providing them a smarter solution. Providing a complete end to end solution of Furniture, Furnishing and Appliances makes us a customer’s delight.

It has strict adherence to quality and time line and therefore, only solid sheesham wooden furniture is used to provide the best service to the customer. The stigma of renting furniture has been changed in India by us, by renting premium products of high quality.

We currently holds the inventory it rents out to have control over the quality and customer experience.

Major difference between us and other competitors in the market would be the use of technology and innovation in rental industry. We have harnessed technology to optimize inventory deployment and financial controls in Cityfurnish.

Challenges faced by CityFurnish

Though, renting as an industry is been in India since ages, it is only in the last 3 years that major focus have been to this industry.

Setting up CityFurnish had its challenges, for example, to overcome the stigma associated with renting in India, to make renting uber cool and easy. Building up team on limited resources is another major constraint.

We started by convincing people on the idea and vision about CityFurnish. Our idea was further validated, when our mentor and investor Mr.Jitendra Gupta (Citrus Pay) came on our board.

If you believe in the idea, stick to it and validate it. Be always open to criticism and guidance from mentors and friends.

Current status and future plans

Currently, We are present in Delhi, Gurgaon and Bangalore. We have also introduced new verticals like Fitness Equipment and Gaming console to provide wide range of services to our customers.

We are planning to launch in Mumbai and Pune in the next phase and develop new range of Furniture to improve our offering to our patrons.

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