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Nabajyoti Das, Co-Founder of ‘OXYFIND – SaaS based contactless appointment App for clinics and OPDs’ Shares Startup Story

Sharing another motivational startup story interview shared by Nabajyoti Das, Co-Founder of ‘OxyFind – SaaS based contact-less appointment, Queue management application’.

Q : Please Introduce yourself!

My name is Nabajyoti Das from Guwahati Assam, had founded a health care startup first, where we used to list doctors and take booking on their behalf and delivered the same.

However it failed.

Q. When and How did you think about “OXYFIND” ?

If we visit any clinics or OPDs of Hospital the first thing we encounter is crowded which creates a negative ambiance whereas places like health care should have positive ambiance.

If we try to dig the reason of such crowd we saw there are primarily two reasons.

i) Long queue in self registration desk and getting an appointment of the required doctor

ii) After getting an appointment the patients wait for their turn to come in as they are not sure at what time their turn might come so they don’t leave the clinic / OPDs instead keeps on waiting.

We all know that the doctor to patient ratio in India as per WHO is 1:1000 which is a challenge for us to improve the ratio.

We believed in a saying when life gives your lemon, make lemonade out of it. So we though what if we can optimize the existing resources we have.

So we came up with the idea OxyFind.

Q. From whom you got inspiration to start ‘OXYFIND’ and Who is your mentor?

All of our team members interested to do something, which can solve a burning problem and give a value to the society. Health care in India is one of the biggest problem and we are here to address it seriously.

Failure is our biggest motivator. We failed many times and we analysis it and learn from it.

Q. Introduce your Co-Founder/Founders and Team.

Me along with Pankaj Mazumder and Bapan Biswas started Oxyfind.

Me and Pankaj met on Facebook and Bapan was  college junior of Pankaj in NEHU-Shillong.

Earlier,  I had a startup where we used to list doctors and take booking on their behalf and delivered the same.

However it failed, when we tried to analyze why it failed, we understood that:

i) Popular Doctors are already overcrowded with patients they need to handle the existing patient and provide them good experience.

ii) Doctors don’t like to be in competition as they used to list the doctors in a single platform under same specialization and location.

Presently, I (Nabajyoti) now looks after the sales and marketing of Oxyfind as I have a good relationship with the doctors and understand the consumer behavior experienced during his last startup

Bapan Biswas is a great coder who works with latest technology stack, his previous startup was in hardware domain where he used to make B.Tech projects using Micro-controller, Aurdino, Raspberry Pi , he shut down the last startup because he felt there was nothing he was contributing in making the world a better place.

Me and Pankaj met him and explained him the impact Oxyfind will create in making people’s life better.

He was as excited as us and took the jump. He shifted from electronics to IT and started coding for Oxyfind.

Bapan now looks after the design, development, testing and production of the product.

Pankaj started his first startup when he was in B.tech called Wikibuy where he tried to make a platform for exchanging and selling books within college and sold it during college days at 5000 USD.

After that he started and closed a few start-ups learned a lot from the failures, right now one of his startup called WISTECH where they provide consultancy for setting up broadband distribution business operating in multiple locations of Northeast India.

Nabajyoti (L) and Pankaj (R) in Nascom Bangalore

Currently in OXYFIND, he look after the layer 2 and layer 3 securities of the application, cloud configuration, strategy and UX design.

Q. Explain more about OXYFIND, What makes you special and How is it different from others similar startups?

We don’t have direct competitors in the market yet. However our nearest competitors are Practo, Lybrate.

A big difference is that we do not list doctors and create a virtual competition as all are doing. Doctors are not commodities. We went deep on field along with my personal experience with doctors and we refined it very well.

If we try to study the behavioral pattern of any consumer, we can observe that the if the consumer is provided with real time update about the progress, he/she remains calm.

Some of the examples are logistics company which enables tracking of their parcels, cab services like  Ola, Uber provide tracking of cabs, food delivery services like Swiggy and Zomato helps tracking of food.

We at Oxyfind is doing the same thing helping patient to save the entire day which was wasted waiting by helping the patient to track the appointment live on their phone from anywhere.

Oxyfind not only solves the clinics / hospital problem by making it queue-less and zero waiting zone but also saves patient’s time.

Please check the below snapshot for better understanding


Q. What challenges did you face while setting up ” OXYFIND”? How did you overcome?

We had lot of ups and downs while developing OXYFIND. The downs gave us lessons and the ups gave us happiness and inspiration to move further.

It is very hard and challenging to convince the healthcare decision makers to use our product that will solve the problem which is still not solved by anyone yet because we are new in the market.

However once we offer them free trial to use the clinics get enough confidence to use our application.

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Q. What’s the Current Path, OXYFIND’s Funding Status and What are the Future plans?

We are constantly innovating about it and will keep on adding new features to make both patient and clinic experience better.

On our next update we will be releasing mobile app for both the platforms.

We will try to predict the approximate waiting time for each patient.

Enable patient to upload their own past medical records, keep a digital copy and share them with the clinics/doctors thus saving time, paper and help doctor to pre diagnose the patient.

Since we will be collecting various data, we are planning to use this huge data set to create AI model and train them which will predict exact waiting time, average consulting time, appointment booking numbers, etc.

Moreover we have a plan to use Google, IBM Watson Third party health API to run pre diagnosis on patient medical data thus sending alert to patient about the severity level of the disease and helping doctors to consult better.

Currently we are using Google AI which helps to doctor store medical records of patients just by speaking in front of mobile / tab / desktop instead of typing of writing.

OxyFind’s : Website | Facebook | LinkedIn

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