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Pooja Taparia’s Arpan is Fighting to Stop Child Sexual Abuse

Not everyone in this world aims to acquire the highest salary or a stylish car, there are few passionate soul who aims to make it a better place for you, me and everyone else. Pooja Taparia is one of those passionate souls, who will leave everything behind in order to protect us from the evil.

Pooja is someone, who is not scared of getting down and doing things that is required to protect a child from sex abuse.

The Journey of Pooja Taparia:

Pooja is a graduate in the stream of Applied Art and Graphic Design and in Commerce. Pooja is a solo-entrepreneur and she also works for a better world. Her aims and ambitions have been quite distinct and this is where things get interesting.

Pooja runs an organization named Arpan.or.in. Arpan works to protect children from sexual abuse. They also counsel the victims of Sexual Abuse and aim to make an aware and educated world.

Pooja started her career as a freelance illustrator; worked ambitiously on graphic designing and print media projects but later swayed towards CSA.

Pooja Taparia Arpan events
Images credit : Pooja Taparia via facebook.com

What made Pooja leave everything and start working for CSA?

Pooja Taparia was moved heavily when she witnessed a majestic play on Sexual Abuse at one of the CSA events. She was really moved and it was that instance of time when she decided to work and save as many kids as she can from the innocuous child sex abuse.

Pooja started researching and realized that there were only two non-governmental organizations working to create awareness about CSA during 2005-06. She decided to initiate an organization that would work for a better world and since then she has outgrown her community. Today Arpan has 40 members working harder than ever to bring in the much-awaited change in the world.

What is the Vision that drives Arpan and Pooja Taparia?

A world of free Child Sex Abuse

The mission sounds so simple but is very difficult. Thousands of kids have succumbed to the pressure and have committed suicide because of what some lethal people did to them.

Arpan aims to build an educated society where individuals will be able to hold their head up high and live a dignified life. They aim to bring parents, society and teachers on the same page and make them fight for the safety of their kids.

How Arpan aims to change the world for kids and their parents?

Arpan is all about keeping the innocence of the kids protected. The organization aims to work with schools, teachers and parents are varied level to create awareness.

Arpan also organizes classes across schools to educate about the CSA to kids. They prepare them intricately to avoid any such heinous acts. The results have been really good. Arpan has leveraged the kids with the power to protect themselves from the lethal elements of the society who love along with us.

The world recognizes and appreciates the efforts made by Arpan!

  • 18th February 2015, Arpan won the award for Global NGO Excellence for the category of Child Rights. The event was organized at Taj Lands at Mumbai.
  • Arpan stood as the first runner for the Lifebuoy National Child Health Award 2009.
  • Pooja was awarded with the Civil Society Karamveer Puraskaar Award in 2010.
  • Arpan was awarded with Jamnalal Bajaj Uchit Vyavahar Puraskar in 2011.

The overall experience?

Arpan has been received really well by people from the remotest corners of the country. The fact that a strong woman is leading it helps people develop better relationships with Arpan. Women have been really impressed with the simple idea of saving their kids from the innocuous people present in the city.

Hundreds of kids have been trained to protect themselves and lead a happy life. The simple understanding of what is good and what is wrong is going to help them lead a secure life and Arpan is leaving no stones unturned in order to make that happen.

Join Arpan on Facebook : facebook.com/ArpanCSA

Website : arpan.org.in

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