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[My Story] “POVERTY AT CHILDHOOD” – Motivational Story Shared by : Mr V.Dhinakaran

Motivational Story shared by Mr V.Dhinakaran

“I was born 5th CHILD in my family of 5. Remaining all sisters.”

My father was a LORRY DRIVER. Very toughest life in 1960s. He was earning Rs-3/- Per day as “BHATTA”

Just imagine about our situation..very Pathetic.

At the age of 10 years i started earning of Eight Nus Per Day as child labor in Clubs, Bars, As ERRAND BOY. My High school days position was very bad.

I was working with my teacher as a sales boy in his thread industry as part time worker and was earning Rs. 25 PER WEEK.

NO CHAPPLES, Most of the school-hood days NO TIFFINs AND LUNCH.

I served in NCC and was given FOOD TWICE IN A WEEK. As an average student i passed in SSLC.

( In 11TH STANDARD ) I joined as SEMI SKILLED MANUAL WORKER job in “TI DIAMONS CHAIN (P) LTD COMPANY”. Three shifts with WEEKLY time changeover.

Daily wages were Rs. 6 in 1978. Through this small income i joined in CKN COLLEGE in PUC as evening COLLEGE in MADRAS.

Later, I joined in LOYOLA COLLEGE MADRAS as evening college student. I was paid term fees regularly by our PRINCIPAL and RECTOR FR. KURIAKOSE, He was also a senate member in UNIVERSITY OF MADRAS.

Born in KAMMA NAIDU COMMUNITY i was branded forward community and unable to get any opportunity both in EMPLOYMENT and OTHER HIGHER EDUCATION.

Now, i have completed my 60 years and working as an agent of LIC OF INDIA for my survival.

My AUTOBIOGRAPHY will continue daily.


Team VID gives you a grand salute for sharing your motivational life journey with us Sir.

You are an inspiration for many. You motivates 1000s others who just give up at early stages of life.

You have given us all such a motivational message.

Its TRUE. Life is not easy, can be tough, can be worst some times for some people. But that’s not the LIFE, that’s just a PHASE of life that we have to go through. 

We should face all the challenges, Odds, Hurdles of life. Because that will eventually make you strong and a better refined person in the future.

We should not stress out on small things or in any phase of life. Just keeps on moving and add new pages in your life journey.

Keeps on adding all the experiences in the diary of your heart. Its not easy when it gets TOUGHER, but just understand you have to go through.

Don’t run away from your problems just went through the problems. Be strong and be positive face the issues/ challenges with courage. Look at your problems with confident eyes. Don’t hide yourself, you can’t ignore the issues. 

You have to go through the dark to see the light. You have to go through the FOG to find the clear road. you can’t GO back. you can’t STOP. Just keep hustling and the bravely you will face the issues, the more closer you will be to the solutions. 

Keep running, if you can’t RUN, keep walking if you can’t WALK, keep crawling. Just understand one thing, DON’T STOP. Your destination is coming closer, you will see the light, its almost there.


– Dear readers, Please share your motivational story with us. Let us motivate each other and make a positive environment for our future generation-

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