Prabjote Lakhanpal, A 19 Year Old Cancer Survivor Becomes the Prime Minister of Canada for a Day

Cancer survivor makes a wish of becoming the prime minister of Canada, and guess what, his wish got granted. This story is about his short journey as a Prime Minister and his courage to fight back cancer.

Name: Prabjote Lakhanpal

Age: 19

About Prabjote Lakhanpal:

Prabjote Lakhanpal, a 19 year old cancer survivor of Brampton shows passion in politics. Lakhanpal was surprised by Make-A-Wish Canada, which is a foundation that grants wishes to children suffering or surviving from life-threatening diseases. Prabjote never dreamt that his immediate interest in politics and mere desire to become the Canadian Prime Minister would actually come true! (via CBC News)

It was a surprise planned by the foundation that took him to a tour of Parliament, followed by a swearing-in ceremony. He was exactly given the same VIP treatment in a true Ministerial fashion with lots of security and concern. He couldn’t believe his eyes that he actually played the role of Canada’s Prime Minister for a day.

Lakhanpal was suffering from Hodgkin Lymphoma, which is a type of cancer that affects the body’s immune system and slowly kills the person if not treated timely. It is indeed a life threatening condition; however, Lakhanpal is a brave boy to have come a long way.

He couldn’t believe that he actually experienced the stay at Chateau Laurier’s Presidential Suite. Lakhanpal expressed a wish that no one has actually done before and the best part in it was that it actually came true! He asked for a wish that was not monetary, luxury, or anything in physical. He asked for an experience that very rare people on earth and that experience was how does it feel to run a nation.

Apart from his wish, Lakhanpal wishes to pursue his career in Law from Osgood Hall Law School. Being the Prime Minister for a day, he met the Governor General David Johnston and took the Prime Minister’s seat on a Challenger jet. He wishes to lead a life in politics and it truly shows through his excitement. In his journey of politics after the wish was granted, he had an impromptu chat with Tom Mulcair in the Commons Foyer. The leaders wished him a healthy and happy life ahead.

Mulcair strongly believes that Lakhanpal has the will and strength to do important tasks for the society and he truly hopes to see him doing so. (via Huff post Impact Canada)

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Motivational Factor:

This guy is truly amazing! He asked for a wish not for himself, but to do something for the nation when he was at the verge of his own death. This is what is called patriotism. Lakhanpal has always shown interest in politics and it is one of the reasons without thinking he opted for this wish to be granted.

It is not easy to survive with cancer. The clock and heartbeats both sound scary every second. The word Cancer itself takes half-life away. Lakhanpal is one brave boy who has so much in his heart to do for the society. It’s his inner strength and courage that he has strived so hard and still going strong with high spirits.

I have had a similar experience of breast cancer symptoms sometime in the past. The moment my reports showed thick big lesions and doubts of cancer, the word shattered me for life. I could not sleep for nights thinking what would happen to my 8 year old daughter who is already fatherless. After things went normal, I realized how much I have hampered my health just by the stress of the word cancer. I truly admire and respect this brave boy who has taken things lightly.

He has already suffered from the disastrous health condition, and still has hopes to do so much in life, whereas I was thinking to die just by the symptoms of it. It truly takes courage and strength to survive through painful conditions. When I look at Lakhanpal’s smiling face, I bring back my courage to live healthy and think healthy.

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Lakhanpal passes a strong message to the society; we all are going to die one day, but let’s do at least one thing extra ordinary in life, which I believe he already did. He gave no lectures, no goody words, and no motivational talks. He spoke about his courage through his actions.

It gives me great pleasure and pride to write about him. I give my true respect for this young boy. I truly hope that he achieves great success in life and all his wishes come true. On a patriotic note, we need more people like Lakhanpal who are not diseased, but survivors.

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