Punita Arora

Punita Arora, The First Indian Woman Lieutenant General of Indian Armed Forces, Inspirational Story

Punita Arora is not an ordinary woman, but she is here to teach all those ordinary women, different ways to accomplish their unique thoughts.

D.O.B : 13-Oct-1932

Profession: Indian Armed Forces

About Punita Arora Biography:

Punita Arora has served as the first Vice admiral of Indian Navy, and is also the first woman in India, who achieved second highest rank for the post of Lieutenant General, India Armed Forces. She was born in a typical Punjabi family, with Lahore as her ancestral background. She was only 12 when she faced the India’s partition and had to settle in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India.


Punita had been a brilliant student throughout her academic studies. She studied till 8th from Sophia School, UP. Later, she pursued her remaining school days from Guru Nanak Inter-College School. When she stepped in her 11th grade, she opted for science and moved to a Government school. Post her schooling period, Arora joined Armed Forces Medical College, Pune. Within a few months, Punita Arora showed her excellence in studies and became the topper of her AFMC batch.

The brave woman was officially commissioned in January, 1968. She became the Vice Admiral of Indian Navy. As a part of her services, she took charge of the Armed Forces Medical College in 2004. Post to this role, Punita became the first woman officer to command and guide the medical college. She has also performed the role of a coordinator between the Medical Research of the Armed Forces and the Army Headquarters. Punita moved from armed services to navy with the help of opportunities raised by the AFMS, where they give the officers the flexibility to migrate from different services as per their requirement.

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Achievements and Rewards:

No award is big enough to honor this brave woman who has fought her life’s battle as well as the service battles of her life. She deserves more respect and honor than what she has achieved so far. Her achievements and awards, a few to be mentioned are;

  • Param Vishisht Seva Medal for 30 years of long service completion
  • She has earned Vishisht Seva Medal in 2002 for 20 years of long service
  • Punita was honored with Sena Medal in 2006 for 9 years of services to the armed forces

She has received praised and medals for helping the vitims of the Kaluchak Massacre. Punita is also dignified for her duties performed by providing gynae and oncology facilities, assisting couples on infertility issues, and also guiding the young students in reproductive techniques.

To share a fact, in her 36 years of experience with the Indian Armed Force, Punita has received 15 medals for her brilliant services.

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Motivational Message about Punita Arora:

Punita Arora should be titled as ‘A lady of honor’. Her personality would not make you feel her brave movements, but she is one amazingly strong woman to interact with. Battling with profession is something we all do most of the time, but battling with your real life where the society is majority dominated by men could be challenging. Punita became the first woman Lieutenant General at a time when women were not encouraged for education to a good extent.

She had to fight this battle with her society, herself, with her loved ones, and also from the nation’s perspective. Women have shown that there is no field left untouched by them to be excelled at. Punita is an inspiration to all those women who were waiting for someone to take the first step and lead on behalf of them.

Her courage to step outside the house and join the Indian Armed Forces has encouraged many other women to enter various fields of their interest. There is only one thing that roamed in every woman’s mind at that time, ‘If she can do it, why can’t I?’

I am truly honored to know someone like Punita Arora who has spoken courage by her actions and not by her words. I wish my daughter enters a field that no one has ever thought of and makes her country proud. It may be easy for us to comment as we are so used to seeing women performing various roles today, but those who stood first in the subject made a history of their own.

What I have learn’t from Punita Arora’s story is that she has opened the door of many opportunities for other women who were sulking at her time. She is a perfect definition of encouragement and confidence. Our salute to her!

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