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Meet Rajani Pandit – The First Indian Female Private Investigator

The success story of Rajani Pandit will inspire you to do things that you thought women can’t do. She is one of the symbols for courage in women. To share a secret, she has solved about 75,000 cases!

Name: Rajani Pandit

Professional: Private Detective/Investigator

About Rajani Pandit :

Rajani Pandit is the first Indian woman who has handled private investigation as a Detective. Rajani belongs to Palghar, Thane District of Maharashtra, India. She has a strong family background. Her father was a criminal investigator, Mumbai Police and his name is Shantaram Pandit.

Rajani Pandit detective
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Rajani completed her studies in Marathi literature from Ruparel College, Mumbai. At the time of her studies, works related to detectives really fascinated her. It was in the year 1983, when she investigated her classmate, who was involved in prostitution. Her family saw her courage and decided to put her as a professional detective, which she was keen to become.

Today, Rajani runs her own detective agency, Rajani Pandit Detective Services. It is popularly known as, Rajani Investigation Bureau. She gives the credit to her family for the level of support and encouragement she received to follow her dreams. The time when she decided to opt for detective work, she realized that you do not need to hold any qualification to become a detective. She decided to learn on her and manager her own battle. However, to become a detective, you need to be sharp-minded, thoughtful, hardworking, focused, and knowledgeable.

When Pandit set up her first office in Mahim, Mumbai, it was within no time, she employed a staff of 30 detectives and was handling about 20 cases monthly. Her company has handled cases related to company espionage, murders, domestic issues, and missing people. She has not only handled cases in India, but also abroad.

During the process of her detective career, she played different roles from a maidservant, dumb woman, pregnant woman, to a blind servant. She very strongly says that ‘FEAR’ is not a word in her dictionary.

In the midst of her career, Pandit has written two books namely, Mayajal and Faces Behind Faces. Faces Behind Faces has also won two awards for her brilliant writings and Mayajal has won 6 awards for her outstanding work in the book.

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Rajani Pandit was honored with Hirkani Award, Doordarshan, which honors women achievers. A movie was released on her past story with the title; ‘Lady James Bond’. This documentary film was directed by Dinkar Rao.

In the list of her unforgettable cases, Rajani describes one case where she has to live in a stranger’s house as a servant for six months. By the end of the period, the murderer was arrested.

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Motivational Factor:

Oh my god! This lady surely has some blessings from the almighty. She has some guts! During the time where technology was not really this advanced, Pandit has worked real hard in gathering the proofs and evidences for the crimes committed by people. Without fearing for her life, she has slogged days and nights to achieve this level of success.

Pandit feels thankful about the fact that now they have advanced tools like microphones, recorders, etc. to collect evidences. When asked about her fear, she said, “I was never scared of anything. I knew from the start that the one thing we are all afraid of is death. And that can come in any way. You can die while sitting in the living room if the ceiling falls…so there is actually nothing to be scared of.”( The Better India )

She is one bold lady I have read about. Pandit is the kind of a woman who deserves all the respect for being so bold by working in a field that was almost dominated by men. She has given her whole life in solving cases.

Hats off to women like her, who enter fields where we feel hesitant about. They are the eye-openers to those who have a closed mind. Pandit is a symbol of courage, confidence, and fearless. I feel grateful to write about her. Her eyes speak her experience. She is among those rare women, who have gone out of their ways to make Safe India and Better India. Pandit’s story must be included in the educational subjects at schools, so that girl students gain the power and confidence in them.

If you have been thinking out of fear that there are certain fields that are not meant for women, perhaps this story would have brought some light in our system and thinking.

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