Rajeev Naidu

Rajeev Naidu Lays in Peace after donating all His Organs to the Needy

Says who angels live in heaven; they are right here on Earth. After donating all his organs, Rajeev Naidu saves many people after dying. This story is truly heart touching.

Name: Rajeev Naidu

Age: 24

Current Status: No More

About Rajeev Naidu:

Rajeev Naidu, is not a famous personality, but a common engineering student, who became one of the most respectable people on earth. He donated his heart, pancreas, kidneys, liver, eyes, oesophagus, and bone marrow to live in others. His family approved to donate his organs at the Brooklyn Hospital Center, New York, where he underwent treatment.

Rajeev suffered from a lung infection due to continuous vomiting after a snowstorm in the city. He was choked due to vomiting, which blocked the oxygen to reach the brain. Later, he was declared brain dead. The news of his death kept all his friends, relatives, and family in a deep shock.

Rajeev was a helpful champ and a very courteous student. He completed his BE in Computer Information Science from PESIT University and he enrolled for post-graduate in engineering from New York University.

His brilliance reflects in his interests and projects. Rajeev was lovingly called as Karthik by his family. Originally, Rajeev was from Bengaluru. His body was handed over to his family with due respect and cremated with all the rituals in India.

As long as he was alive, Rajeev stayed in touch with all his friends. He was a highly intellectual and fun loving boy. To a great extent, the credit also goes to his amazingly brave family, who agreed to donate his young organs. Rajeev and his family have made the nation proud of their decision.

Inspirational Message:

Rajeev Naidu died, but he exists in 8 people, who are seeing things because of his organs inside. We feel proud of the things we possess and we often aim to take it after our death. However, very few of us realize that nothing belongs to us. Irrespective of cremation rituals, people get decomposed and it is only memories that remain with us forever. Although, I don’t know Rajeev Naidu personally, but I will remember his sacrifice and story. We have so many dreams to achieve and you never know where you would stop dreaming. Death is certain, but what is more certain is how you live. I am sure whoever will read about Rajeev will give their true respect to this brave boy. Rajeev Naidu may have seen many dreams too, but he left this world by fulfilling others’ dreams to live.

I don’t find correct words to express my feelings for people like Rajeev and his family in terms of gratitude. I read it somewhere that the tragedy of life isn’t death, but the tragedy lies how things die within us. It is the humanity that reflects from Rajeev Naidu’s family who thought about others during the worst mourning period of their own loss.

The people whom they saved are total strangers. There are few who even don’t care for even closed ones. Ultimately, we all are going to die, but the goal of life is how we die. Rajeev has passed a different message to the world by living like a multi donor. The blessings and gratitude by people will surely bring him in this world as a pure soul again.

Rajeev was a true engineer who designed other people’s life by fixing his organs. He is far away from the troubles but, he lives in our hearts. Such souls are difficult to forget. When I read about him, I was startled for a moment to accept the fact that the whole family shares noble thoughts.

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The US Government as well as the Indian Government has expressed gratefulness to Rajeev and his family. Personally, I believe that Rajeev Naidu should be given a tribute for his brave act. There are many such people who do acts of bravery and are left unnoticed. It is doubtless to say that they don’t do things for recognition and glory. However, their act should be passed as a message to the world. They are the starrers of a new human race who do not think anything but humanity.

I strongly feel that when I die, I should live in others as my organs would stay alive. Perhaps, that is known as rebirth! If you share the same feelings, then I would feel that sharing this story was worth it.

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