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Richa Kar “Zivame” Founder Sets A Trend In The Online Lingerie Shopping World

The success story of Zivame is the success story of Richa Kar, who founded the company by surpassing all the challenges of her career.

Name: Richa Kar

Age: 34 (about)

Profession: CEO and Founder of Zivame

About Richa Kar and Zivame:

Richa Kar is a famous name in the online business. She is the founder and CEO of Zivame, which is a prominent online brand in the lingerie retailing business. Richa is a young achiever in her business venture and she has ditched all the hurdles faced to reach here.

Zivame fashion is a leading online selling website :, which covers a number of 5 million+ followers and more than a million visitors. Richa has deeply studied management and business strategies in order to understand the retail market closely. One thing that struck her interest in lingerie business was the fact that approx 80% of the women still wear wrong sized bras. The second major excuse to deal with online lingerie was privacy of women in shopping and lack of range of sizes in the retail shops.

Lingerie is not only the foremost attire of a woman, introducing trendy designs also adds to her beauty. Most of the women feel shy to speak about their preferences when it comes to lingerie selection. This is where Zivame is a hit and most preferred by women. Richa’s thought of discussing the taboo topic in public shows her confidence and courage.

Richa Kar’s Personal Background:

Richa is an engineer from BITS. She is also an MBA from Narsee Monjee Institute Management Studies. Richa’s thought of online lingerie selling also covers those shy men, who wish to gift their partner something good in intimacy. She has launched under cover sizes and best fit for women.

The name of the company is based on the Hebrew word ‘Ziva (Radiance) ME’. The name Radiant Me in Hebrew style, ZIVAME was thought and immediately adapted by Richa. The products of Zivame match the international competition in terms of trend and quality.

Motivational Factor:

One of the challenges that Richa faced before launching her business was to convince her loved ones for the lingerie business. There were questions raised on the image of the family and their respect in the society. Her people wondered if she really had to disclose that she is selling bra and panty on the web in the typical Indian language. In the first few months of the launch of the business itself, Richa was available with the answers to all her hurdles and queries raised about her business.

She strongly believes in time management in balancing her personal and professional life. Funding from friends, family, and other institutions helped her to raise business on a successful path. It is thus, her modesty that she shares her success with everyone and gives all her loved ones the credit of her glory.

The strongest challenge faced by this enthusiastic woman, was with the category. She still believes that there is a high level of discomfort and people feel uneasy to talk about the category on lingerie. People still consider it taboo to discuss about their inner wear. This is one of the reasons why retailers try to stock only the fast selling items and categories. The consequence is faced by the women who land up choosing whatever is available to them.

It is pretty understandable that women find it difficult to convey their choices and preferred sizes even with their man. Richa has taken a bold step indeed to meet the needs of all those women, who have a desire to look beautiful and in shape without attire. The objective behind Zivame was to cover all the needs and requirements of women.

Being a woman herself, I truly appreciate her efforts to launch something like this and think of women needs. Richa seems to be a highly focused and dedicated woman in her business. What makes her extremely happy is that she receives orders from even the remote areas, where people do not even step out to buy such things.

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Richa energizes her mind by simply exercises like yoga, cross fit, and martial arts. She feels channelized by her thoughtfulness about her business. I completely relate to her as if you involve yourself in a business that you are passionate about, you are most unlikely going to get tired of it.

I just have one thing to tell about this goal setter woman, ‘a woman can move mountains by the drop of a tear from her eyes, and she can shake the world by a simple achievement of her life.’ Just follow your dreams and trust your instinct.


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