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Meet Rohit K Singhania Founder of “Izofy” – The first global astrology marketplace connecting expert Astrologers, Shares Their Startup Story

Please introduce yourself

Izofy is the first global astrology marketplace connecting expert Astrologers, Numerologists, Palmists, Tarot Card Readers, Vaastu Consultants, Psychics and Healers around the world with a $20bn international occult market. This India-based venture co-founded by Mr. Rohit K Singhania, popularly known as Mr. iZO, and Mr. Namit Rai Surana started its operations from June 2015. Today Izofy has millions of consumers throughout the web and ever-increasing client base. The occult industry has huge potential but the technological barrier makes it difficult for the experts to tap this potential and reach out to prospective users. They are not able to promote their brand on a global scale, and hence, lose out on business. Izofy promises to triumph over this obstacle by showcasing their services through online marketing media, where users can access services of experts irrespective of where they stay. Additionally, the Izofy app, available for download on Android Play Store, which is the world’s most advanced app on astrology and numerology has made things way simpler for mobile users, where they can access all information by a single click.

When and how did Izofy start?

Izofy was co-founded by Mr. Rohit K Singhania and Mr. Namit Rai Surana. Mr. Singhania left his thriving 10-year banking career to conceptualize, dream and believe in this venture and later gave shape to this endeavor along with Mr. Surana, who had software and analytics experiences in renowned names like IBM and Facebook. Together, they envisioned and found this project in the December of 2014 and the company officially went in operation from June 2015. The company has its office in prominent South Kolkata location.

About Izofy Team

Izofy is co-founded by Mr. Rohit K Singhania and Mr. Namit Rai Surana. Rohit K Singhania, the CEO & founder comes with 10 years of banking experience in Sydney, London, Mumbai & Kolkata. He is a professional astrologer & numerologist and author of the book on numerology “Mr iZO Sayz”. Namit Rai Surana, co-founder has 10 years of experience in Data Mining and is

Presently, the Product Manager with Facebook in San Francisco for the last three months. The company is being mentored by Mr. Dipanjan Purkayastha, who was once leading a team of 30,000 people in Tech Mahindra in the US. There are 7-8 qualified and competent team members working for Izofy right now in its Kolkata office.

Explain more about Izofy, what makes you special and how is it different from others?

Izofy is a one stop shop for solving any kind of problems related to career, business, health, relationship and others. It’s the world’s first home to Astrologers, Numerologists, Tarot Readers, Psychics and Healers connecting them with a global audience. This is something very unique, where one can consult empanelled experts, post their problem and pay the amount they can afford. The experts bid for a solution and one gets a perfect solution after successful acceptance of bid. This feature can be accessed by anyone irrespective of their location or language. People can solve their problems within their budget without having to be tech or net savvy. On the other hand, experts can also market themselves and their products in a global way, which was hitherto unknown to them.

iZofy is using big data and machine learning techniques to synch users’ base information (day/time/location of birth, name) to their contextual information (profession, relationship status, lifestyle info, health situation, location etc.), and helping find statistical correlation to make astral predictions more customized, timely and accurate. This is helping iZofy find a correlation between date of birth of users and their actual problems faced. Later, with the help of machine learning, iZofy will be able to predict the problems of users in advance.

What challenges did you face?

At the inception stage, we faced challenges concerning manpower, marketing, raising finance and tie-up with clients. However, by allocating enough number of employees with qualified skills, knowledge and meticulous planning, we overcame that challenge and reached greater heights by association and tie-ups with prestigious names. We also faced stiff competition from big names and rival companies in the field of astrology and numerology, but by offering easy and affordable solutions and with our advanced app providing one-touch solution, we already have an upper hand and advantage over other companies trading in similar markets. Izofy believes that one should never give up although expectations aren’t met or disappointments slowly add up. Staying strong and faith in yourself is important to overcome all hurdles and win the race. One shouldn’t quit and should understand that God always has better plans for us, only if we stay positive and believe in our dreams. Although “Only God Knows Better” is what we believe in, we at Izofy can help you realize your dreams with accurate customized astrological and numerological solutions within your budget.

What’s the present path and future plans?

iZofy launched its app on Android Play Store in January 2016 and in the first 3 months the number of downloads went to 30,000. iOS application was launched in the mid of May 2016. iZofy has already started getting revenue after the launch with 30 transactions in February 2016 and the number of transactions has been growing 100% MoM since then. iZofy is soon launching the US version of the app which will be available to download only in the US. US has a $2bn market for occult subjects, which has not been tapped by any single large player right now. 

iZofy is trying to tap the Numerology and Astrology market through various other channels. We have already received a positive nod from car dealers of Hyundai, Mahindra and Ford in Kolkata for providing lucky car number to their new customers, a service which iZofy is starting in June this year. Also iZofy has tied up with hospitals with baby health care facilities to provide lucky baby names to the new borns.

iZofy had raised $500,000 from Prime Capital Markets last year and now aiming to raise another $2mn this year to expand its reach globally. Also iZofy plans to hire data scientists who can maintain our algorithms to improve its efficiency and with the help of machine learning create the user experience more accurate.

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