[MyStory] ‘Entrepreneur : Childhood Computer Craze made My Career’, Meet Ashik Kumar Saxena, CEO & Founder ‘SEVENI INTERNET SERVICES’ Shares His Success Story

Ashik Kumar Saxena, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh | CEO & Founder SEVENI INTERNET SERVICES

I am a software & website developer. I have started my own IT Company in 2010, named “SEVENI INTERNET SERVICES” and also deals with Cloud Computing Consultant, Security Advisor, Dedicated Server, and Server Management.

Education :

I did my schooling from Leonard Higher Secondary School from Jabalpur and the college I did in Bachelor in Computer Application (B.C.A.) from M.C.R.P. University.

Early Life :

I wanted to be an engineer since childhood. Whoever asked me question that what should you want to become in your life, my answer was always “engineer”. When I was in 3rd class, I saw computer for the very first time. At that time I did not know that what a computer would be. At that time, the curiosity to know about computer was growing. When there was a computer period in school, I used to type my name and I was happy.

When I went to class 5th, then I start playing games in computer. Since, then the curiosity of using computer was increasing day-by-day. After coming home, I insist to my father that I want a computer. But that time being a lower middle class family my Dad could not effort computer. After some time, I find the cyber cafe, I went there and I’ve using computer for 1 hour by giving 10 rupees. Only that time I came to know about that we can play games through internet.

After seeing my interest, my father talked to one of his friend, who has having their own computer hardware shop. After that he called me in his computer hardware shop, so that I could work with him. I go there and see the work of computer hardware and then I start learning the computer hardware work. I surf mostly internet in his shop. I create my email id for the very first time. At the same time, I start working on computer hardware like assembling computers, formatting a computer, making keyboard & mouse and I didn’t take salary for work. I worked there for four months. While using internet, I came to know about website ‘word’.

Again I start taking money from my Mother and going to the cyber cafe and start researching about the website. During the research, I found that to create a website, it needs HTML programming, also a domain name and server to run the website.

Career Beginning :

My career starts from taking money of amount 1 lakh from my father. I start working on FMCG product from that money. I am distributor of many company, we give products in the grocery / general wholesale shops of Jabalpur. This business works very well. Due to this work, every shop in Jabalpur known me very well. I did this work for four years. But I don’t get satisfaction from this work. Because I want to become an engineer. This was not the work of my interest. Then I stopped the distributorship work by returning all the money back to my father.

Then, I start Web Designing Company in 2010, named “Techno InfoWeb Solutions“. In this I deal on web designing, domain registration, web hosting. But I did not get any work because I did not have any identity in this work. The problem also was that people did not even know what the web design is. But I have to pay the Internet bill and other expenses myself only, for that I shared the internet with my friends so that I could pay my internet bill and other expenses with that money I got from them.

Company name got changed :

Seveni Internet Services

One year later, in 2011, I changed the name from “Techno InfoWeb Solutions” to “Seveni Internet Services.” The work starts with Domain Registration and Web Hosting first.

My Life’s Struggle:

When I go for work, people asked me about my education. I was just 12th pass. Then I got a little problem because here people give more importance to education. In 2011, I took admission in college. My work and studies going simultaneously. I got one website designing work within 5-6 months. I had to go so many people but no one give me work. At that time I was not famous nor did any identity. Then from year 2013 my work is a better, some people start giving me work.

In the same year I designed approx 13 websites. This was my first career debut when I designed 13 websites. In the beginning of the year 2014, I have no project with work again but at the end of the year my work start to growing. People start trusting me. Also people started identified me as well. Then slowly people start to know my company too.

Now my company has been completed 8 years. But now people know my company name. My name has been recognized among the people. People know me because of my work. I am approached not only from Jabalpur but also from other cities for work. I am also getting some projects from Abroad.

Programming & Technology :

Firstly I learned for web designing (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery) language through the online tutorials. For web development I learned PHP (Symfony, Laravel, Codeigniter) programming through online tutorials. After some time, I’ve started Java (Springs, hibernate) programming for developing web application. From 2015, I started the work of cloud computing, server management as well. Then from 2018 I started working on Android application development.

My point on Motivation :

You can live your life in a limited area, or live in a big way. You have to decide what you want. Mostly employed people live life in limited way. But those who having entrepreneurship quality, they can live their big life because they run own startup.

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