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SFactrix, MES / MOM Software to Transform Factory Shop floor to Factory Smart Floor

Factana is a SaaS company aiming to achieve Smart automation with a goal of ‘IoT for All’ through its SFactrix, and SaaS offerings!

Bangalore, India / May 14th, 2022 – SFactrix, MES / MOM software offered by Factana is set to transform legacy manufacturing to smart manufacturing with the enabling of industry 4.0 technology. Specifically engineered for the manufacturing industries, SFactrix is AI powered to facilitate Industrial Automation. SFactrix takes the lead in digital data management as opposed to manual data management to ensure effective, optimized and reliable factory resource operability. Offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, SFactrix digitally manages operations with effective management of maintenance issues given the changing operational protocols and manufacturing methods.

SFactrix as an IoT enabled Smart MES software that replicates factory operations management digitally and automates processes to optimize workflows and processes in manufacturing. SFactory.ai as a key to Industry 4.0 is offered as Subscription software with cloud hosted manufacturing intelligence along with mobility interfaces allowing for easy access. SFactrix is also prebuild with IoT integration using Fogwing IIoT Platform that simply calls for connecting and achieving process automation.

Real-time operational visibility, workorder management, job management, asset performance monitoring, maintenance registry, personalized dashboard, downtime notification, parts management and operator mobile app are some of the distinguished features of SFactrix that facilitate digital transformation of industries. Automated anomaly detection in operations and root cause analysis (RCA) at all manufacturing capacities becomes a reality with the implementation of SFactrix MES software.

SFactrix MES software aims to benefit small and medium businesses in the operations management from procurement of raw materials to logistics of finished products by automated real-time data visibility that assures insightful preventative updates.

The Globe newswire by notified reports that the global market for manufacturing execution systems (MES) is projected to reach US$22.9 billion by 2025. The benefits of smart factory are so many that research by Deloitte states that 86% manufacturers believe the main driver of competition by 2025 will be smart manufacturing. Having stated that, it around the perfect time to invest in SFactrix MES software to revolutionize your business!

In the words of Mr. Hariharan, Founder of Factana, “We see a significant transformation happening in manufacturing sector to meet global customer demands. Digitalization is key for this transformation. With our No-Code Platform and Software, our customers can adopt digital practice faster than ever before at lower TCO, especially SME sector.”

About Factana, as a Cognitive IoT Company is with a mission of helping Small and Medium Enterprises achieve Industrial Automation by leveraging Industrial IoT and Intelligence technologies. Fogwing IIoT Platform, Fogwing Analytics Studio and Fogwing Eco are other products offered from Factana.

Implement IIoT based Manufacturing Intelligence with SFactory.ai!

Contact the Customer Success Team for more queries at sales@factana.com or submit your query at https://www.fogwing.io/contact-us/

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