Shubhra Chadda Chumbak

Shubhra Chadda Speaks how Chumbak can Magnetize People for India

This story is not only about Shubhra Chadda, the CEO and founder of, but it is also an inspiration of a perfect married life. The couple launched a business by selling their flat and never knew their business will earn them much more than a flat.

Name: Shubhra Chadda

Profession: CEO and Founder of

Date of Establishment of the Company: March, 2009

Shubhra Chadda Chumbak
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Interesting facts about Shubhra Chadda and

Shubhra Chadda is a successful entrepreneur and founder of The company majorly deals into refrigerator magnets as their key product. They also deal with other quirky and trendy collections of handbags, key chains, footwear, wallets, and other novelty products.

Shubhra graduated in travel and tourism from Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru, 2000. She is married to Vivek Prabhakar, who is a CEO and Co-Founder of Chumbak. The couple shares a unique and rare bonding with each other. They both love the idea of doing business together. They also have a cute little daughter, who is 8. Both love to spend time with their daughter.

Their hard work and humor both speak through their products. The beautiful designs of fridge magnets also have some added humor in these. For instance, you may find fridge magnets in the shape of humorous Chai wala, rickshaw wala, cow’s face, owl’s face, etc… Some of these truly reflect the culture and essence of India. There are magnets with some cute messages like; ‘family that eats together’, ‘Great Indian Wedding’, ‘Aaamchi Mumbai Best’, ‘Dilliwalon ki Dilli’, etc…

Milsetones of and Shubhra Chadda:

  • Chumbak Company has an exceptional fan following on that crosses 110,000+ followers, within a span of two years.(Recently crossed
    481,000+ and counting)
  • In a short span of time, the company has launched more than 30 product categories that main deals in accessories, stationery, apparel, home, lifestyle, and souvenirs.
  • It has a target to capture international market and make them fascinated about India in a unique and entertaining manner. Unlike the common replicas of Taj Mahal and other monuments, the company strongly believes that a little humor works perfect in the hearts of those who miss India or have been to India before.
  • Shubhra and her husband, Vivek are handling manufacturing and online marketing of more than 400 products, with 150 stores in India, and 70 in Japan.

Motivational Factor:

Shubhra is an example of versatility, flexibility, creativity, and innovation. She knows how to capture the common audience, in the most uncommon manner. The story not only speaks about how capable can a woman be in business; it also shows how a perfect match of marriage can make the business perfect too.

The couple beautifully explains and expresses how healthy can a husband wife conversation be over the dining table, rather only discussing about the differences. They dreamt together of a business that they never imagined would reach at this height. It is only their togetherness that brings recognition to their Chumbak Company.

Shubhra beautifully explains how a business can run efficiently and profitably by merely focusing on people’s smile, rather focusing on only numbers to achieve targets. Her concept of humorous fridge magnets made her popular internationally and many overseas travelers love to collect these as a souvenir for their friends and family.

I love Shubhra not for the way she is handling her business, but simply for the woman she is. She touches human emotions in a lighter manner and knows how good it feels to bring a smile of joy on people’s face. This is something that truly admires me in her. One of the important things to notice and learn from Shubhra is her belief in herself. The couple sold their house in order to raise funds. She strongly believed that the business would run with its uniqueness and humor.

I myself have a few collections of these and really love to see them every day on my fridge. On weekends, the chai wala magnet gives me the fresh feeling of having morning tea in peace. Shubhra means rise and shine in business. Shubhra and Vivek set an example for all those married couples, who believe that togetherness is only meant in personal life and not at work.

What I have learnt from this amazing couple is that a successful marriage helps to bring success in profession too. Life is all about challenges, but if we know to work it out together, we can win any battles in the simplest manner.

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