Srikanth Bolla

Srikanth Bolla Conveys That You don’t Need Eyes to See Visions of Your Career

This story is about a blind man, who built up a 50 crore company and became the first blind CEO. He teaches us that we do not need eyes to see visions of our future; we need courage and patience.

Name: Srikanth Bolla

Age: 24 yrs

Profession: CEO of Bollant Industries, Hyderabad

Location: Hyderabad, India

About Srikanth Bolla:

Srikanth is a name that defines patience, courage, self-confidence, and faith. He is one of those rare people on earth, who do not even depend on their organs to achieve success. They truly believe in themselves and their own will power.

The journey from being a useless blind kid to the CEO of a 50 cr company wasn’t easy for Srikanth. There were times when his own relatives and neighbors advised his parents to let him die. However, his parents’ love and his courage have brought him here today.

Srikanth’s educational background may impress you to a great extent, but it is shame for us to know that our own educational system is so rigid that we often rate a person’s intellect by his physical ability than his mental intellect. Srikanth tried his level best to make a place in his educational career; however, all went in vain as there was no-one who valued his passion for education, especially in Science subject.

All the depression, anxiety, stress, and demotivation became his strength rather his weakness. Srikanth is a proof that we can fight any battle of this world if we believe in ourselves.

Achievements and Rewards:

Srikanth has faced a tough battle in explaining his interest for science to the Government schools. However, he was left down due to his visual impairment. After hardcore studies and trials, he finally succeeded by receiving the honor of being the First Indian Blind Student selected for the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) scholarship. This was one of the greatest achievements in Srikanth’s life.

After achieving the honors of scholarship, Srikanth came back to India and built a platform to encourage all the physically challenged and impaired people in the society. He helped various students to attain education in their fields of interest.

After a few years’ experience, Srikant established a site in Hyderabad named Bollant industries. The industry mainly focuses in recruiting disabled people to manufacture eco-friendly and disposable consumer packaging solutions. Today, Srikanth has four plants in different locations in India worth Rs. 5 crore. I believe, he achieved what he desired and he achieved it on his own.

An Inspiration to Thousands:

What a story, I feel truly blessed to write about someone who is an inspiration to thousands of those people who inspire us today to be happy and satisfied in life. A man with no eyes, has never seen the world, but, knows how to run a company on his own. This is truly a remarkable incident.

Srikanth is not a person; he is a change in the world. He is someone who teaches us to believe in life, to believe in self, and to believe in our own goals. If we have the will to chase our dreams, even the most difficult storms will pass. All we need is faith in ourselves.

I don’t know how to put this across in words, but tears could not stop flowing from my eyes when I read about Srikanth’s story. These tears are not the tears of sympathy for Srikanth, these are the tears of being ashamed of how judgmental humans can often become based on someone’s appearance.

When Srikanth met Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, the first thing he spoke to the Ex-President was that he wishes to become the first Blind President of India. After this thought, the reaction that came in my mind was, why not? People with eyes are blindly working about what is happening in our country, and on the other end, a person who has no eyes has given dreams to others to see.

I admit, this guy has shaken by beliefs about physically challenged people. I today realize the actual meaning of being Physically Challenged; it means to Challenge self how physically we can be strong! I hope and pray that Srikanth shows the same courage in his future life as well and may god give him all the support he desires from people and the society at large. I have my respect for him and I salute to him for his believes and hard work.

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