Srishti Sharma, CEO & Founder of GAME - Game Gone Epic

Srishti Sharma, Founder & CEO of ‘GAME – Gaming Gone Epic’, Asia’s First Online Esports platform, Shares Her Startup Story

Sharing next inspirational startup story interview shared by Shrishti Sharma, Founder and CEO of ‘GAME – Gaming Gone Epic‘, Asia’s First Online Esports platform.

Srishti Sharma Introduction

I am Srishti Sharma , an entrepreneur at heart and a social activist . I am the founder and CEO at Asia’s first online esports platform- GAME – gaming and multiplayers esports , have founded various social projects including Killari and Rehmat.

Srishti Sharma CEO GAME
Srishti Sharma CEO GAME

Two times TEDx speaker and really honoured to be recognised as Asia’s most innovative women entrepreneur!

How did you think about “Gaming Gone Epic” ?

The idea of game came to our mind during lock-down when people literally had nothing to do , we wanted to create an opportunity to keep people engaged while benefit them .

I am glad that GAME recognizes people’s passion and has converted that into a great earning opportunity and a profession for a lot of people! Breaking difficult barriers at different levels.

From whom you got inspiration to start Gaming Gone Epic ” and Who is your mentor?

I think my entire entrepreneurial journey is inspired by Steve jobs!

He is a classic example of what it takes to follow your heart , what sacrifices are , how to stay persistent and focused .

I really use his formulas in my life and they always work.

Team & Co-Founder at GAME

Prateek is another founding member and the technical expert at GAME , an extremely hardworking and passionate entrepreneur with great technical skills!

We are a small team right now but would love to expand it further as we grow.

How you think is it different from others similar startups?

We are very different than the existing players , there is no dedicated esports platform in the mobile gaming.

They are offline complex setup and are are very expensive, we have build a product for globally esports lovers to stream, play and earn from the comfort of their homes!

What challenges did you face while setting up Gaming Gone Epic? How did you overcome?

Personally , it was difficult to digest for people to see an Indian girl talking about esports! Haha Jokes apart, the initial days at any startups are difficult.

It took us time to capture the market and get our name out there and explaining how are we different from the current players.

Would you like to share about Gaming Gone Epic’s funding so far?

Would not like to talk about funding since it’s confidential and not public yet.


Thank you Srishti for sharing your startup story on VID. We wish you all the very best with your startup.

I love platforms like VID that brings some amazing unheard news and stories and keep us updated in these stressing times.

Some Interesting facts to know about Srishti Sharma

  • Founder at GAME , world’s first online esports platform.
  • Founder at Shakti – a smart watch ensuring women safety with shock giving feature to an attacker and protecting women from various kinds of domestic and sexual violence.
  • 2 times TEDx speaker, Josh talks speaker , Young achiever 2019 awardee , Indian icon leadership 2019 awardee, exemplary performer of the year 2019 , Indian leadership awardee 2018 and ‘Distinguished women entrepreneur of the year ‘ 2019!
  • Asia’s most innovative women entrepreneur of of the year 2020 by Yeforum!
  • Listed as ‘Most successful female entrepreneurs of India ‘ now converted into a book!

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