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Shreya Dutta Founder Of ‘StarWords India – A group of freelancers” Shares Startup Story

How StarWords India Got Started?

StarWords India is the brainchild of the Founder & Creative Head, Shreya Dutta, who had a dream to help budding writers become published authors. StarWords India enables the writers to get an international exposure both online and offline. Apart from writing, the startup also provides, editing, graphic designing, web development and web designing services.

Shreya Dutta, the Founder & Creative Head is an engineer by qualification and a writer by passion. In her words, integrating the team itself was the most difficult aspect of launching StarWords India. As she had started up StarWords India right after leaving school, hiring the right person to join the team was difficult. Once the integration was done, they popularized their services and gave free demos to bag great projects. Even though the competition is very tough, they have been successfully working with some of the leading giants today.

StarWords India Team

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They are a group of freelancers who have not sacrificed their passion for writing. Despite the busy schedule of their day to day lives, they care to speak our hearts out in the form of words so that they can reach out to their beloved audience. Over the years, ghostwriting had become a formidable part of their writing career and the praise that they received for their work was enough to keep them running. However, as time flew, they realized that they should not sell off our talent; instead, now, they want to inspire the world by penning down their thoughts.

With the motive to build the largest network of freelance content writers and to give them the recognition that they deserve, StarWords India is a venture of its own kind that is ready to rule the world with a string of words beautifully woven into a unique piece. They have launched a new segment where they help budding writers become published authors through contests. Their first poetry compilation, “Melodies of Spring”, has been published at the international level. Their next publication is an anthology (flash fiction) titled “Written on the Stars”.

StarWords India’s Journey So Far

The journey has always been a learning experience. They had started off with content writing and editing services but they have also expanded to web design, web development, SEO, graphic design, digital marketing, and PR as of now. If you take this segment, there are thousands of competitors only in India and competing against brands has been both challenging and satisfactory. As of now, StarWords India is all set to transform into a full-fledged digital marketing company in the long run. If their new projects favour, they will also have their own publishing house in the long run. The Founder says, “Giving back to our customers has always been our key point. If we can give our clients the value that they deserve, we will surely emerge as the key names in the market. ” And, since they are bootstrapped, they do know how to intricately plan the next steps and work extra hard in order to celebrate success.

The Founder also shares, “Entrepreneurship is not inherent. Every person who craves to think differently and find solutions to problems can become an entrepreneur. All that person needs is the determination to walk on a path strewn with thorns and half the battle will be won.

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Shreya also wishes to thank Viral Indian Diary for sharing inspirational stories to motivate the youth of India.

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