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Suchi Mukherjee of LimeRoad is a Trendsetter in Lifestyle and Fashion Segment

Before attaining fame for your company, you need to make your art and interest famous. This story explains how these two factors can go hand in hand, as achieved by the LimeRoad Fonder, Suchi Mukherjee.

Name: Suchi Mukherjee

Location: Haryana

Role: CEO and Founder of

Facts about Suchi Mukherjee and her company LimeRoad:

Suchi Mukherjee is a success face of the online LimeRoad. We often recognize the company and not the people who contribute to its success, but there are few companies which are recognized by its people. Suchi Mukherjee is one of those famous personalities.

Her eminence in fashion business brought a new awakening in the success of online shopping platform of LimeRoad. Suchi is a Bachelor in Arts from the University of Cambridge. She holds a Masters in Finance & Economics, London School of Economics. The first step of her success ladder was her role with Lehman Brothers in 1998. She played different esteemed roles in various other top notch companies like; Virgin Media, eBay, UK Operating Management Team, and Skype.

Although, she always got the deserving role in the companies, she wasn’t really satisfied with her inner self and wanted to do something bigger and better. Her never ending ambitions and restless mind is one of the reasons for the success story of LimeRoad.

The idea of LimeRoad was a sudden storm struck in her mind, while she wanted a piece of jewelry desperately that she found in a magazine, but could not get it as it belonged to a small store in Mumbai. She wanted to open a business that can reach any part of the location and anytime that one desires.

It is obvious that no business is a smooth business. After undergoing tough challenges of raising funds to technological issues, today LimeRoad enjoys a number of more than 40,000 regular active shoppers on the web. Last few years was a triumph for the company that enjoyed 2.6 crore revenue in 2013-2014, followed by 1.1 crore business in 2015.

Suchi has two beautiful kids, who understand the confidence and courage of their mother. The duty of a common mother and an uncommon businesswoman keeps her occupied in the most progressive manner. She has a handful of duties that include planning, product designing, payments and collections, marketing, brand promotion, and various others.

Success Story of Suchi Mukherjee:

The success story of Suchi runs in the universe as her business runs on the World Wide Web. Perhaps, she worked real hard to deserve this splendor. One thing I admire in Suchi is her endless goals to achieve greater heights. She could have easily continued with one firm and enjoyed a long term paid job; however her habit of day dreaming never allowed her to stay relaxed.

She has a poised and calm personality that is often mistaken by her successful career. It is hard to believe that a patient lady like her will have so much of zeal to do things. I love her and respect her for what she is today. In fact, without causing anyone any offense, I believe that her coworkers must be inspired by her thoughtfulness towards business.

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The company founded by Suchi and her co-founders target the women audiences, who have a craze for shopping trendy clothes and accessories. The website offers a range of enticing accessories, bewitching apparel, and alluring jewelry.

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One of the advantages of shopping on LimeRoad is that it deals with adorable and affordable lifestyle products. Suchi’s motive is to ensure comfortable and convenient shopping for and by women. Online shopping brings the vendors and audience close in a much efficient manner. I highly get inspired by the thoughts these women bring in their business. It not only benefits the society at large, but also helps to encourage more women to accomplish their goals.

Suchi’s theorization and her product designs help women to feel good and look beautiful. I have personally bought a few products from LimeRoad and the quality of those products speaks in favor of her efforts. The company is enjoying massive success only with the strong contributions of Suchi Mukherjee. She has all my best wishes and respect. I am sure women like her do not need any outer motivation and inspiration. They are self-builders of their career. It gives me pride to write stories about women like her, who bring some breeze of fresh air in the dusty destinies.

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