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Tapaswini Sharma, Indian Whiz kid makes nation proud at mere age of 16

Tapaswini Sharma, is a sixteen-year-old whiz kid from India, who found her solace in space science when students merely think no further than their games period and home work. She not only thought about progressing in the field of space science but also searched through internet and found and participated in a prestigious contest held by NASA Ames Research Center, San Jose State University, and the National Space Society (NSS).

She submitted her entry in form of a honey comb shaped structure to accommodate human life in deep space. The uniqueness about this structure was that due to its special  structure it would save a lot of space and will be able to accommodate maximum volume in minimum space.

The project was not only appreciated by NASA scientists but panel also decided to give a special mention to Tapaswini in form of a special honor for her design. The best part as per Tapaswini about this design was that it would be made by bots and graphic design on its own without applying any human interface.

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Now that she has won the honor, she is again invited by NASA to attend the 36th Annual International Space Development Conference (ISDC) in St Louis, USA.  Tapaswini is a child prodigy who made our nation proud on the best international platform with her entry which she proudly named as ‘Kirithra Orbis’. The project was selected among 6000 other entries for the special mention.

Talking about her personal life, Tapaswini gives all her credit for her success to her parents and her school. She is a class tenth student of Suryadatta National School in Pune and participated in this contest under individual category without any support or team.

Tapaswini sharma’s school is very proud of her achievement and have now started encouraging their students to visit space centers and become aware of aeronautics early in life.

After her win at NASA, Tapaswini was honored at several other platforms in India as well which includes a special TV interview with Arnab Goswami in his show ProudToBeIndian on the eve of Republic Day. Arnab made special arrangements for Tapaswini to meet his idol, the first Indian citizen to visit space, Rakesh Sharma. Rakesh Sharma asked her what are her future plans, she said i want to take and represent India among world leaders in space research. Rakesh suggested her if she could flourish her interest to take India further on and enable an Indian to reach space on a platform developed by ISRO.

Speaking more about Tapaswini Sharma’s project ‘Kirithra Orbs’ is a honeycomb-molded space settlement to enable mankind to live in profound space. This speculative spaceship can give homes to a large number of individuals over the world. Further, its honeycomb structure can help utilize the space effectively – by possessing the most extreme volume in the base zone. The space settlement utilizes just interchange wellsprings of vitality to perform essential and complex errands required for human survival. It is intended for monetary security.

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