Techugo Founder Startup Success Story

Ankit Singh Founder of ‘Techugo – Top Mobile Application Development Company, Shares His Startup Success Story

Techugo CEO Start up Story – Interview Q/A.

Meet Techugo Founder/CEO

Techugo Founder, Ankit Singh – I am 27 years old, and from Varanasi.

I completed my studies in Electronics & Electrical Engineering from UPTU, but my constant inclination towards the Management field made me to think for something different, so when my batch mates were preparing for GATE and MBA.

I decided to open my Startup, which is a successful venture today.

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Q. When and How did you think about “Techugo”? From whom you got inspiration ?

I am from Varanasi and brought up in a joint working-class family, where integrity towards the work plays the utmost importance.

My father is a known criminal lawyer in my hometown and being a son I too was expected to follow in the footsteps of my father and carry the legacy of working professionals.

Somewhere I too had made up my mind to join a big MNC after completing my Engineering in Electronics, but sooner the campus interviews started to take place.

I was appalled to see the reality of the so-called MNCs, where only students who could present themselves well, got selected, and many of my seniors, despite being the toppers, were not given the chance, and they ended up serving in the industries which never served their expertise.

I found it wrong and felt the talent got wasted, but I was told that, companies don’t want to compromise their quality of resources, even if the something more deserving would lose the game.

This made me made up my mind that someday I would do something for such professionals, who would get the relevant platform to showcase their skills.

When my turn came for the interview, surprisingly I was selected by one of the top MNC in Gurgaon, maybe my speaking skills and convincing power won me the battle.

Finally, I was given the offer letter, a week before my joining, I was on the brink of confusion, as I had two choices lying in front of me, either to move ahead and join the company and be the earning machine or to move ahead and make a difference with my dream.

The pressure of earning after college, and showing my family that how sooner I have become productive in my life, forced me to let my dream die, and concentrate on my future in MNC.

Just a day before my joining I called my mother, and she sensed the agitation and discomfort in my Voice and without blinking the eye, she simply said that “Don’t you think somebody more deserving than you need this job? You are born to make it different in your family, go ahead, we are with you”

Her words soothed me to an extent, that on the day of joining, I was meeting with different potential office owners, who were willing to share their office space.

Hence, the divine guidance I received from my mom proven to be the Eureka moment for my company, and I decided to make her proud of me.

Q. Introduce your Co-Founder/Founders and Team.

Co-Founder is Mr. Sumer Mathur

I have a team of 150+ developers, designers & marketers.

Techugo team

Q. Explain more about “Techugo”, What makes you special and How you think is it different?

We are a service-based company not the product-based company, wherein the enterprises and the big brands like Godfrey Phillips and Airtel, come and seek our assistance to develop a successful app product.

What differentiates us from our competitors is the on-going support we offer to our clients, whom we call our partners.

Our journey starts from the analysis-development-branding-marketing, with these steps, we ensure to no to leave our partners in-between, rather work with them, till their app and brand attain the deserving recognition.

Another thing which differentiates us is, we do not leave the client high and dry after developing the application, we through our proprietary tool TAPS, also ensure that users get the desired result.

TAPS provides them analytics and push notification services which can be minutely tracked and can eventually lead to a better app experience.

Few of our clients include – Modi Enterprises, Airtel, BJP etc.

Q. What challenges did you face while setting up Techugo? How did you overcome?

“The biggest challenge we faced in the initial days, was the term which was associated with us and became a part of identity – a startup.”

We too faced the brunt of rejection from various experienced technical heads and the investors of course, who were convinced of our survival for not more than 6 months.

But we had beaten up all the odds and come up as a winner, who win the obstacles of every technical challenges.

Q. What’s the Current Path, Techugo’s Funding Status, Techugo Turnover and What are the Future plans?

Our team members have diligently invested passion, efforts and creativity together and this has led us to craft a quality laden app development network around every possible industry and business in USA, India and Dubai.

Techugo Turnover : 

Our annual turnover is $5 Million.

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