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Dr. Tessy Thomas Becomes the First Woman Scientist of India for Heading a Missile Project

Dr. Tessy Thomas, also known as the Missile Woman of India, raises the pride of the country by becoming the first women to head a missile project. Read more to know about this amazing lady scientist of India.

Name: Tessy Thomas

Age: 53

Place of Birth: Kerala, India

Current Status: Living

Impressive Facts about Tessy Thomas:

Tessy Thomas is one of the well deserving scientists of India and now also a project director for Agni-IV missile in the area of Defence Research. Her father is an IFS officer and mother is a homemaker. Tessy is married to Saroj Kumar Patel, her classmate and now a CMDR officer. She has a very well-mannered son, named Tejas, who is 21.

This woman can be called a woman of substance. She is a brilliant scientist, a perfect housewife, a social neighbor, and an amazing human at heart.  If you talk work to her, you will find a bespectacled professor, science freak, pretenseless scientist; but on the contrary, you would find her extremely loving, poised, honest, and modest human beings.

Tessy attained her B-Tech from Thrissur Engineeing College. Her academic background is very bright. She was vibrant and vivacious in all subjects. Being a highly active personality in sports, Tessy loved to play badminton. She actively participated in various political issues too. She has also achieved her M-Tech from Defense Institute of Armament Technology, Pune. There she designed an advanced missile system, which was one of the major movements in India, in research and defense sector.

Achievements and Rewards:

One of her major achievements was her selection by Former President of India, Late Shri A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, for the Agni Missile Program.

She is honored with titles like; ‘Missile Woman of India’ and ‘Agni Putri’.

Tessy has also earned great recognition after conferring the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Award.

Motivational Factor:

Tessy is one of the transformers for a male dominated society like ours. Even in today’s era, where single women find it difficult to make a place in the male dictatorship sectors, Tessy Thomas has marked a history to have achieved such recognition and respect in the science research centers.

We have innumerable level of talent and skills hidden in our country, it is sick to accept that more than 50 percent is unnoticed, as women are not allowed to express their views. This could be one of the major reasons why India is still considered to be a developing country.

I would love to personally meet women like Tessy Thomas and thank her for this movement. She has not only thought about her career, but created hopes in many women to do something for their country. When the women will progress, the nation will progress at large. It is really time that women must stop feeling weak of themselves.

If you consider the lifestyle and living of Tessy Thomas, it is more similar to any ordinary married woman. However, what we must learn is how she balances her work and personal life. Her outstanding skills and contribution will help India to become more self-reliant in the field of missile technology.

The missile was launched initially in 2006, but failed due to various issues technically. Only due to continuous efforts and through self-motivation, Tessy was able to manage the re-launch in 10 months post failure. This proves her determination and dedication in her work.

She is a role model of every woman, who has a little scientist hidden in her. The project could be anything in any subject. You do not have to necessarily become a scientist to prove yourself. Every woman has an idea hidden inside her. There are women who took the courage in the field of cooking itself and are prominent chefs today. The objective behind this story is to help you find that discovery inside you.

When we think of an idea, we are the masters of it and thus, we should be the decision makers to work on it. No man or outsider has the rights to decide your success or failure. Moreover, if you have a supportive family, partner, or kids, you are blessed! I have seen many women who have stood on their own. If Tessy can launch a missile, on the humor side, I am sure every woman is a beautiful bomb who wishes to blast in her own way. Let it blast out and light the sky with sparkling colors. I wish Tessy and every woman a very successful career life.

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