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An Inspiring Story of a Man Who Is Able To Do Everything Without Any Limbs!

A silly error, a “challenge” at five years old, left him dispossessed of every one of his appendages. For a long time after that, he was not permitted to venture out of his home. Presently, he goes to work regular, as well as procures well, lives all alone and is totally independent.

Once a grateful beneficiary of a grant that helped him finish his studies in Finance and MBA, he is presently a provider of grants furthermore takes an interest in approach making.

Could anything better show the effect made by persons with inability if given a large portion of a chance in our general public? His name is Raja Mahendra Pratap. His companions call him Pratap, Mahendra or Raja.

As we address him, the 29-year old energetic youth went around doing his everyday tasks. He brushed his hair, bolted his home and moved towards his office. If the lift of any building is non-useful, then he scales without getting drained or depleted.

At whatever point he crosses a street or is outside, individuals peep at him. He is physically not quite the same as whatever left of us. He adores seeing the astounded countenances of persons and the look of gratefulness in their eyes. Both his hands and legs are separated from his lower legs and knees.

This young fellow is brimming with certainty as he fills in as a Finance and Accounts Officer at ONGC, Ahmedabad. He has contemplated Finance and MBA and takes home a nice looking pay.

Pratap hails from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. When he was five years of age, a little wager changed his life until the end of time. His companion tossed him a test that Pratap couldn’t hold an iron pole into an open electric wire. Pratap drew mettle and carried an iron bar into the high voltage electric current.

Inside of second’s power surged through his whole body. The mischance came about into removal of legs and hands. Since that day till the age of 16, Pratap never moved out from his home. He would stay limited in the four dividers of his room.

At whatever point he recalls those ten years of his life. Numerous individuals like Pratap voice their supposition that “contrasted another country, our country is less incapacitated benevolent”. Open spots, theatre, transport office, railroad stations, air terminal, craftsmanship exhibition ought not to be a long way from the scope of persons with handicap.

He weights on the requirement for the neighborly and open environment for crippled, kids and elderly individuals. The disposition of persons and society needs to change towards the incapacitated.

The general public, rather than regarding and tolerating them, looks upon them as weight. Individuals like Pratap are called “incapacitated” yet we ought not to overlook the way that every person impaired in one or other structure. Every one of us has some physical, passionate or mental shortcoming.

The general population whom we call disable skilled in one or other way. They have a decent getting a handle on force and are solid inside. They substantiate themselves consistently by doing an alternate work.

That is the reason they presently called in an unexpected way able. According to general information, 2.7 crore individuals are crippled, which is viable around 2.21% of the populace. 1995 Act states security of rights, impediment-free environment and equivalent investment and opportunities in every one of the segments for persons with inability! Let us salute these precepts.

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