Unlearn and Learn To Discover The Beauty Of Life | Dr. K Srikala Ganapathy

In our busy lives, living in the complex world we experience negative emotions like fear, anxieties and insecurities. Pushes from the external world can make the mind go crazy and we feel shaken.

The best approach in these difficult situations is to try not to get overwhelmed but be calm and think and focus on what best we can do at that moment. Challenges, struggles and disappointments are the best teachers in life.

They come to bring out the best in us. They are the opportunities to learn lessons in life. They help us to mature and evolve by enhancing a better understanding of life.

Pause to unlearn. Observe and learn

We must learn to pause amidst everyday mundane rushing. It helps to unlearn our conditioned thinking. Observing nature around us and learning the art to capture the beauty of seemingly simple everyday moments can surprisingly cheer our spirits. In challenging situations, let us learn to detach from the draining energy of negative emotions.

It is easy to say. But let us not escape saying it is difficult.

When we pause and reflect, we can observe the contents of our minds and reframe with right thoughts. We must learn to let go and push out negative thoughts. We are gifted with the intelligence to awaken our minds with new thinking.

We must consciously train our minds and learn to tame negative feelings to bring back peace. In that balanced emotional state, how beautiful, glimpses of inspiration, a boost of confidence and intelligent solutions to our problems or useful insights unfold, if only we are willing and open to try!

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Power of silence and reflection

Set aside sometime every day for silence. Calm moments of silence and reflection can clear confusion in our heads and bring hope and strength to our minds. When we reflect and when our mind stills, we can listen to that powerful inner voice that serves as a catalyst to energize us.

We can find fresh perspectives and clarity expanding our inner outlook.

We can carry these moments and continue our day walking towards our goals.

We can work productively with confidence and peace. We will begin to discover the beauty of life and enjoy life.

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