Indian Women in PR and Communication

Indian Women in PR & Communication: Emerging Digitized Career Paths in 2021

In India the Public Relations industry is a dynamic industry and has taken up as an emerging approach to its growth. 2020 has been a breathtakingly challenging time, and the way we work and live has rapidly changed. For everyone – It’s a new world order! The pandemic has been extremely complex and challenging for different sectors to navigate and has been the first in the century to illustrate the necessity of clear communications, and strong PR campaigns.

The Public Relations Consultants Association (PRCA) in India reports that the majority of contributions would rise from digital, social, and content driven campaigns in upcoming years. Moreover, women would be gradually making their presence felt at a higher leadership level, C-suite and entrepreneurial roles. The industry offers women the opportunity to find career-oriented empowerment in a PR position.

While there has been a considerable shift in people’s perception accepting women in leadership roles, and creating a supportive environment, many young women still get clutched in societal standards of pursuing a more “feminine” or “easy” job role. The overall confidence of women was at least partially hindered by years of oppression and discrimination whereby leaders fought for basic rights, eradicating safety issues, and other inequalities. We have come a long way to prove our worth in the male dominated society. Women are now more visible in positions of power, leading corporations, and positively impacting the world agnostic of traditional boundaries.

Overcoming self doubt and embracing inner self confidence often underpin career success. However, there are still millions of women out there who need inspiration to unleash their inner leaders. Young girls growing up in South Asian communities seek women leaders and mentors footsteps to emulate.

The pay diversity between men and women, as well the lack of advancement opportunities for women, still prevents women from achieving the same career goals as men in their profession. Additionally, there is a lack of mentor-ship and networking platforms which often drives away young graduates and women.

Public Relation and Communication roles are a part of the global corporate system often influencing various Asian states and countries. The Academic Society for Corporate Management and Communications found that Indian market can become a successful global player and will bring important sites for production, innovation, development, and sales for multinational as well as small and middle-sized companies.

Consequently, the growth and direction of PR in India has been strongly determined by government and administration actions. The rise of social media usage in India has made gender equations more natural at the PR workplace. Social media has helped break the barrier for women, they are more confident about connecting with journalists, potential clients and colleagues in the social media space.

Records also show that women are more tactful when it comes to the balancing act of calmness, creativity and assertiveness. Hence, they are more likely to communicate better and get their point across with the virtue of patience. This aspect draws a distinct line between assertion and aggression which helps them go a long way in the profession.

It is noteworthy that women in India contribute 17% of GDP, compared to 35-40% in most other countries. India’s female labour force participation rate — 27% — is well below the global average of 50%.

Young graduates or women who are looking to begin their journey in PR or Communications, this may seem like a grandiose statement, but I assure you it is not. Leadership is present in everything from kindergarten teachers to the federal government and a fundamental aspect of leadership is communication. The findings indicate that there is a growing interest in alternate working environments and India must leverage its growing digital infrastructure.

2021 is the year looking as the biggest algorithm sphere. Digital marketing expenditure in 2021 is expected to reach around $120 billion, and deep understanding towards evolving digital strategies will bring a competitive edge in crowded markets. In a COVID-19 world, people are looking to more public relation and communications leaders, whom they can trust to navigate and create social responsibility in challenging times.

With traditional industries continuing to change and new industries expanding, there’s always room for creative ways to communicate effectively. Brands, companies and CEOs are more in search for practitioners and professionals Hence, with more women being informed and empowered than before, it’s a high time to kickstart your career trajectory in the digital world.

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