Uwal Healthcare Startup Story & Interview

Ujjwal Bansal, Founder of ‘Uwal Healthcare’ Shares his Startup Story

Uwal Heathcare Interview & Startup Story

Meet Uwal Healthcare Founder!

I am UJJWAL BANSAL, Founder of Uwal Healthcare, a leading healthcare firm in India. I am also Founder and Director at Astra-Indo Pharma India Private Limited and at Gecko Genie International Private Limited.

I am a PGDM Graduate from Jagannath International Management School, kalkaji in Delhi and did my graduation from Delhi University.

Q. When and how did you think about ‘Uwal Healthcare’?

The pharmacy market in India is primarily governed by the branded drugs in terms of the methodology of how Indians buy their Medicines and these drugs are tend to be expensive.

According to me, everyone should be able to get opportunity and access to necessities that includes medicine and health-care. To provide these life-saving high-quality medicines, drugs and prescription remedies at an affordable price is what Uwal Healthcare mission.

This firm has been founded with the purpose to serve the society.   We offer High Quality Generic medicines at 15-60% lower prices than the branded medicines

Uwal Nimwal-plus

Q. From whom you got inspiration to start ‘Uwal Healthcare’ and who is your mentor?

I belong to a family who started earning their livelihood by selling medicines and healthcare products. They first started with chemist shop in 1982 and then become distributor cum stockist of medicine in Haryana in 1987 and they are still working.

So been born in such family, I have seen this industry in and outs very closely. From there I got the courage and inspiration to start this brand and stands where I am today.

The most important role in my success is of my father and he is also my mentor. He has guided me on every single stage of my life whether it is of life or founding of this company.

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Q. Introduce your Co-Founder/Founders and Team.

Myself Ujjwal Bansal

Ujwal Bansal Founder of Uwal

The other founder along with me is Rohit Goyal

Rohit Goyal Uwal Co-Founder

Then we have a team size of 12 persons other than us. The team of 8 persons take care of logistic department and remaining 4 person work in sales department as area sales manager of their assigned territory.

Q. Explain more about Uwal Healthcare, What makes you special and how you think is it different from others similar startups?

Founded in November, 2019 we started with the mission of providing High-Quality Generic Medicines at ‘Affordable’ price.

The company has a central warehouse and a robust supply chain which make sure of timely delivery of products to our channel partners.

As of May 2020, we are having presence in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh Chhattisgarh and Delhi and has a distribution network of 100+ stockists and 3500+ chemists and pharmacies.

Uwal Healthcare now has over 70+ brands in its portfolio. Our product range consists of tablets, capsules, cough syrup, food supplements, syrup/tonics, dry syrups, Ayurvedic syrups and ointments.

We are focusing on 3 P’s model: Product, Price, and Place and will continue to do the same.

Uwal Multiwal
Multiwal by Uwal

Q. What challenges did you face while setting up “Uwal Healthcare “? How did you overcome?

“Stockists, retailers and sales force can make or break a company

There were some fundamental challenges. The local pharma industry is one of the most competitive in the world, with over 100 brands for the same medicine in some categories.

The company also faces tough challenge especially in partnering with the distributors, wholesalers and retailers. Right from pitching, to convincing, to getting up the collaborating and eventually ensuring the product availability is really a tough challenge but company has been successful in overcoming it.

The challenge that Uwal Healthcare faced initially was clinicians writing branded drugs in the prescription. From many years, consumers and patients are under the impression that they will consume only what the clinicians’ write.

So, to overcome that Uwal Healthcare started to educate the common mass and once they understand the true value of it, then they are sticking to it. Few of the methods we are advertisement in social media sites, along with advertisements through our channel partners.

Q. What’s the Current Path, Uwal Healthcare‘s Funding Status and What are the Future plans?

Uwal Healthcare plans to scale up and reach every nook and corner in the country and to make “A care that never quits” a reality.

We plans expand our distribution network by collaborating with 50 more stockists and wholesalers across the country by 2020.

Also we plans to add 4000 more retail chemists and pharmacy by 2020 and will launch 30 products in a phased manner.

Subsequently, the company will increase the product mix that would offer a comprehensive range of products covering all types of consumables and healthcare products.

In the next two year, the company wants to get into manufacturing and exports.

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