Vidya Shah

Vidya Shah is a True Nightingale of Indian Classical Music and Much More

Vidya Shah is another name of soul of music. She is much more beyond than a singer and a musician. This story is a small tribute to the maestro of music.

Name: Vidya Shah

Profession: Singer, Musician, Writer, and Social Activist

About Maestro Vidya Shah:

Vidya Shah is a well renowned singer, writer, musician, and social activist. She has a dynamic musical background. Her family had great exposure to music and this is how she engrossed her soul and heart completely into music. Her interest in music is vastly spread from North to South. Vidya is a trained classical singer. She began her journey into the music world when she was 12. Her melodious voice immediately catches the attention of the audience, irrespective of the country that she is performing in.

Shah specializes in South Indian Classical Music and was popularly known as a young Carnatic vocalist during her teens. Some more genres that she has excelled in are Thumri, Ghazal, Bhakti Music, Sufi, and Dadra. She also has a flair for folk and western music.

Vidya is married to Parthiv Shah, a designer photographer. She has two beautiful kids, a son and a daughter. Vidya also writes on music for various publishing houses. She is performing multi-tasking roles in various subjects on women upliftment as well. She is the founder member of Paridhi research, women’s organization on their rights for reproductive and sexual health on birth control. She was also a Director Education in Breakthrough, a Human Rights Organization.

Milestones of Vidya Shah:

Vidya has performed at some of the top National and International organizations. She has spread across the love for Indian music to well-renowned forums like; Kennedy Centre in Washington D.C., The Humbolt Forum – Berlin, Asia Society in New York, Assilah Arts Festival – Morocco, The Schaffhauser Jazz Festival – Switzerland and many more.

She is an advisor for the Parliamentary Review Committee for Cultural Academies in India. She has represented various Zonal Cultural Centres, Government of India. Vidya has also anchored a conversation series on music with various top artists, writers, and organizers for television channels in India.

Shah has composed music for radio, TV, and other documentary films. Her mystic voice is surely going to take you to a different world of peace. She feels blessed to have inculcated a tradition of never ending music in her voice, heart, mind, and soul.

Motivational Factor:

There is so much to talk about the culture and tradition of India. Moreover, I feel a great sense of pride to read about Indians who spread the culture overseas too. What could be better to spread the love of India than spreading its rich heritage through music? If you listen to some songs sung by Vidya Shah, you would know my craze and respect for this amazing woman.

It takes efforts to invest so many years into music and bringing it to the audience confidently. It becomes tougher when you have stiff competition. India is rich in its music heritage and there is no shortage of artists. Competition is bound to happen and become challenging too at times. However, despite all the challenges and competitions, she has risen like a shining star in the world of music. Her knowledge for music is vast and it shows in her singing too. Vidya beautifully manipulates her texture of voice and quality of music, according to the music genre that she is sings for the audience. It is one of her special qualities.

For those interested in Sufi and bhakti music will surely connect with Vidya Shah’s performances. Her liver performances have won exceptional recognition throughout the world. Although, success was limitless in Vidya’s life, her modesty was always stagnant. Her simple and traditional personality will win your heart.

One of the best qualities that I have noticed in singers like Vidya Shah is that they are ever smiling. Many singers often bring the stress of singing on their face. However, Vidya’s smile brings out the music to the audience in the simplest manner. Artists like Vidya not only represent their family in the most dignified manner, but also make the nation proud by spreading their talent.

I wish I could get some learning of singing from Vidya for my daughter. Every mother would dream of the same but, it is also true that singers like Vidya Shah are rare jewels in the field of music. I was fortunate enough to download a few tracks of Vidya and listen to her mesmerizing voice. It really takes the stress away.

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