Vijaylaxmi Sharma

‘Girls are born to either Die or Marry Young’ – A 22 Year Old Fights Back Courageously!

Name: Vijaylaxmi Sharma

Age: 22 (About)

Profession: Teacher

Nationality: Indian

Place of Birth: Rajasthan

About Vijaylaxmi Sharma :

Meet the 22 year old Vijaylaxmi Sharma who has taken the oath to eradicate child marriages in India. Vijaylaxmi is not even aware that her story is being viewed and written by so many people who are taking immense inspiration from her. Laxmi is a young girl who is standing firm and strong to fight back all odds whatsoever, so that she can save the little girls from being married.

Vijaylaxmi is considered as one of the strongest activists who are fighting for the justice of a girl child.

One incident of her friend changed Vijaylaxmi’s goal of life entirely. Her best friend who was just 13 delivered a baby and died young the same spot. Laxmi realized that her friend’s tender age and weak body took her away from Laxmi. That was one moment that gave Laxmi the courage to protest child marriages in India.  

This young girl is struggling hard to educate families about the importance of a girl child and giving her the deserving support, care, and love in the family. Laxmi was born to a very average family in Phagi district of Rajasthan. Her mother was just 14 when she delivered Vijaylaxmi and in a very short span of time, she had two more siblings by her mother.

Laxmi was just 13 when she started hearing her family and relatives talking about her marriage.

Surprisingly, her family supported her in education and she completed her B.Ed along with her brother Vijay. Her younger brother, Mahesh is also pursuing civil engineering. On one side, where Vijaylaxmi was supported in education by her family, the situation was bad with other families in the neighborhood. Laxmi somehow completed her graduation but, it took a tough time to convince her parents for post-graduation.

Vijaylaxmi suffered from nightmares of getting married at a tender age and dying young.

There was just one thing that she spoke to her father, “I will get married for sure but, not now! There are many things that I am willing to do to bring honor to my family and make them secure.”

At first, her battle was of her own, slowly her support system became stronger with her family members and more girls whom she saved from the young marriage decision. Laxmi is now a teacher and she educates children on making their life better by focusing on her dreams.

Motivation Factor about Vijaylaxmi Sharma :

The journey from the start to present hasn’t been that easy and cannot be described in this short story of Vijaylaxmi Sharma. She has been betrayed, insulted, humiliated, and accused by many families in Rajasthan. People use to call her by foul language and join her name with any man. They use to give her swearing and scribble it on her outside walls of the house. She has also received threatening calls by people on rape and murder as a pressure on putting a stop on her attempt to save child marriage.

Vijaylaxmi courageously adds by saying that she appreciates such people as it is only because of them she became firmer and stronger in her mission of bringing down child marriages. As a woman, I can imagine her state of mind, especially when she belonged to a village and not a city. The women in metropolitan cities stand up for their rights together; sadly, the situations in villages are way too far from success.

We often talk about India as a developing country, the fact is, until we develop our minds, India will continue to be underdeveloped. It is high time we realize that huge number of talent is being wasted in form of child marriage. We are not letting the female gender think and progress. I agree that marriage is essential but, at the right time when both the kids are matured enough to understand what marriage is all about.

I totally support Vijaylaxmi Sharma. My respect goes to her for this level of thinking that she brings along, despite being an ordinary girl from a small village. If you support her too, I plead that you share this story and let it reach as many families as possible.

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