Zahabiya Khorakiwala

Wokchardt Hospitals MD, Zahabiya Khorakiwala is The New Face Of The Daughters of India

This story is about an inspirational bonding between a father and daughter, and their successful business journey of Wokchardt Hospitals Ltd.

Name: Zahabiya Khorakiwala 

Age: 33

Occupation: Managing Director at Wokchardt Hospitals Ltd.

Facts about Zahabiya Khorakiwala:

Ms. Zahabiya Khorakiwala serves as a Managing Director at Wokchardt Hospitals Ltd. The company has various pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturing plants in different countries. They also have a number of subsidiary Wokchardt Hospitals.

Running a 211 billion (approx) turnover company is not a piece of cake. There are many challenges and hurdles that Zahabiya has faced and will furthermore face too; it is her confidence and her father’s trust that helps her to keep going.

Zahabiya specializes in psychology from New York University. She also holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration, Indian School of Business. Zahabiya is not only a highly educated girl; she is very passionate in her career too. We may have just heard how daughters make their parents feel proud of their achievements; Zahabiya is a live example whose father is truly proud of.

Zahabiya was sent to a school in Switzerland at the age of 15, when she was broken to be taken away by her beloved father at a distant place. It is doubtless that the decision was equally tough for the parents, especially her father. Today, she thanks him for all the decisions taken to make her life better and best.

Irrespective of how much we do for our parents, we can never repay their parenthood and love showered upon us. Zahabiya knew this very well and till date, she struggles to help her father who strived from the worst challenges imposed at the company which has undergone bankruptcy. She makes her father feel proud of the fact that she has joined business wholeheartedly with him, rather expressing the common thoughts of marriage in the society.

After the freedom given to choose her career option, she opted to join her father’s company. This shows the kind of love and sincerity daughters have for their parents.

Achievements and Rewards:

With the latest infrastructure and technological advancement, she is the youngest to have a close focus on giving extra care to the patients that is highly expected in India. Zahabiya is a new face to the country. She explains her role and future goals by adding; “We are adding new products, new hospitals… I take a lot of business decisions for the group. Our motto is to focus on what we do well.”

Although, I may not be able to describe in detail about her accomplishments in career, but in short I can tell you this much that she has sailed her company (Wokchardt Hospitals Ltd.) through the storms successfully. The father and daughter duo is a lightning bolt to all those who follow the tradition of business handover to the sons. In this cultural arena, where women are still struggling to break the ice of gender biasness, this duo shows how a new awakening can began with open thoughts and broad mind.

Whatever goals the company has for future, Zahabiya is known to be the rope of those heights. She is the bridge of the business gaps and development. If you wish to know her achievements and recognition in general, pick any site of Wockhardt Hospitals` success and you would know the insight story.

If father is a backbone to his daughter, then daughter is a soul of her father

_ (c) Shruti Sharma

Motivational Message:

Women like Zahabiya Khorakiwala are a face of new India. She is an inspiration to the daughters of our country, who conveys a message that a daughter’s duty is not to get married and release the burden of her parents. Her duty is to take her parents` burden on her shoulders and make them proud more than sons.

The father and daughter relationship explains how beautifully a business can reach the height of success when you have a supportive family. The duo also explains that your child’s skills and confidence is based on encouragement and cooperation, rather imposing the traditional and typical society norms on them. Zahabiya is a true daughter and being a daughter myself, I truly admire her efforts and love for her father. I have a daughter too and the story greatly motivates me to raise my daughter in a similar fashion that breaks free all the discouraging comments of having a daughter rather son. Along with her career achievements, I am deeply touched at the way Zahabiya has helped her father in business and brought the company on track.

Parents have magic in their hands to raise daughters better than sons. If you have a daughter and you expected a son, read this story again and think twice!

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