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Yogeshwar Dutt has surely Wrestled his Way to Success

If you are good at something, make that something everything.

Name: Yogeshwar Dutt

Profession: Sportsman (Wrestler)

Nationality: Indian

Date-of-Birth: 2nd November 1982

Born in: Sonipat

Quick Bio About Yogeshwar Dutt :

Yogeshwar Dutt is surely an epitome example of winning all the glory by punching problems in face. Dutt is perhaps the most popular and successful Indian Wrestler.

Born in brought in Sonipat, Yogeshwar Dutt today is 37 years old with unbreakable records on his name. Yogeshwar Dutt is not only a winner but also inspiration for thousands of aspiring wrestlers in Haryana and other parts of the country.

Yogeshwar Dutt is often found motivating and inspiring youth of the country to do things for the pride of the nation. We can also label the love for the nation as the sole reason why Yogeshwar Dutt is so successful at the International Levels.

High Point in Career:

Yogeshwar has had his share of down when he was training hard to be a wrestler but since the time he stepped into the International Arena of Wrestling, he is getting better and better. Be it the 2012 Olympics where he won Bronze medal for India or be it the 2014 Common Wealth Games where he won a lovely Gold for India. Yogeshwar has not only embraced the game but also helped India acquire the requisite respect and popularity at the International Games.


Gold, Gold and Gold:

Gold has embraced Yogeshwar’s satchel quite often. It is only matter of bad luck that he had to satisfy his hunger at 2012 Olympics with a Bronze but the people in India and from other countries respects him equally.

Here is a list of events where Yogeshwar Dutt has won Gold Medals:

  • Asian Games 2014
  • Asian Wrestling Championship 2012
  • Common Wealth Games 2010
  • Common Wealth Games 2014
  • Common Wealth Wrestling Championship 2007
  • Common Wealth Wrestling Championship 2005
  • Common Wealth Wrestling Championship 2003

A Glimpse of the Early Life:

Born to Ram Mehar and Sushila Devi in Haryana, Yogeshwar was bound to follow the path of his parents and become a teacher. Yogeshwar’s grandfather was also a teacher hence his fate was pretty decided but his love for wrestling changed the course of his life.

Yogeshwar started wrestling at an early age of eight and left everyone watching awe-struck. Yogeshwar not only loved wrestling but he was extremely good at it. At an early age he went on to win a school level wrestling championship and from then onwards his parents decided to encourage him more and more.

Yogeshwar Dutt was in 5th Standard when he won his first wrestling championship and the rest is history. Yogeshwar started wrestling by idolizing Balraj Pehlwan from his village and now he is the one who is and will keep inspiring generations.

In the year 1994, Yogeshwar Dutt participated in International School Cadet game and won a gold medal. From there onwards Yogeshwar Dutt went on to become the world champion. He completed his graduation just to make his parents happy.

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How the world sees Yogeshwar’s Success?

Yogeshwar Dutt has surely succeeded at inspiring the youth of the country. Dutt makes sure that he talks about the love for country from every stage he features on. The contemporary India finds a true idol in Yogeshwar and also the requisite inspiration in his extremely passionate journey. Yogeshwar has been felicitated at all levels in the country; he has won state level awards as well as the national level felicitations.

Yogeshwar is surely India’s medal machine; he aims to fetch at least one or two medal at every International Event and he has been quite successful at it.

India is grateful to have sportsperson like Yogeshwar Dutt who not only bring laurels but also help their countries acquire respect at the International Level.

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The highest honors and the strong Yogeshwar Dutt:

Yogeshwar Dutt is one of those few personalities in India who take privilege in serving the nation and in return receive warm hugs, delicate smiles and the highest honors by central and state government.

Dutt was conferred with the highest honor for sports person in India. It was the year of 2012 when he was honored with Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award.

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