ZingoHub – World’s first eCommerce + Crowdfunding platform, shares their Startup Story

Q.Please introduce yourself.

Haider Aly-Reza holds a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Warwick in United Kingdom. Prior to co-founding ZingoHub, he was working as a business Associate for Japanese Internet giant Rakuten, where he was involved in supporting the assessment and setup of business opportunities in South-East Asia.

Sayantan Das holds a double degree in Finance and International Studies from the University of New South Wales in Australia. Prior to co-founding ZingoHub, he was working with TripAdvisor as a Business Executive within TripAdvisor’s Sales and Operations division at its APAC Headquarters in Singapore. Sayantan’s responsibilities at TripAdvisor focused on driving revenue through analysis of market data and operations leads. The two met at United World College of South East Asia in Grade 6 where they regularly experimented in various entrepreneurial ventures from the young age of 14.

Q. How did ZingoHub start?

If you are looking for a place to discover unique brands or projects and interact with inspiring people from the global community, ZingoHub maybe for you. ZingoHub bills itself as a home to the world’s best emerging brands & ideas. It was founded by a Singaporean-Pakistani and an Indian national who grew up in Singapore and have known each other for 15 years, the startup was born in 2015 as the two envisioned a world without borders made possible through an online commerce built on innovation and ideas.

Q. Explain more about ZingoHub and What makes you special? 

ZingoHub is first-of-its-kind crowdfunding + e-commerce platform which has operations in India, Singapore & UAE. We aim to be a global company by 2017. With us one can launch their own crowd funding project, conduct a pre order online to validate their idea & also launch their exclusive brand store to launch their products.

Q. What challenges did you face while setting up ZingoHub?

For us the major challenge was calling within a limited period with limited resources of both work force & capital. However we believe with team coordination and having efficient people working towards a single goal, anything is possible. This is scaling.

Q. What are the future plans?

As of now we are more focused, on our global expansion and at the same time improving our technology. so we can reach out to more brands, creators & innovators and get them connected to our growing community.

At the end they shared their feedback about VID.

“On looking at the website first we come across a lot of different stories, each being one of it’s kind and different from other blogging platforms.”

VID Team thanks Sayantan Das for sharing the story with us, we wish you and your team all the very best with your startup.

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