Abhinav Bindra

Abhinav Bindra -You Continue to be India’s biggest Champion

There are swimmers who have won more than 20 individual Gold Medals at Rio Olympics. Phelps hails from United States of America that works really hard on training and management of sports-person but in India everything is ignored. Here in India, sports-person are not treated well. Corruption and ill management of sports has ruined some of the finest talents.

No matter how ruined or corrupt our system is but we have never failed to produce talents that can rule the world. Vijendra Singh, the first Indian Boxer to win a medal in Boxing at Olympics is now the World Champion in Professional Boxing Arena. Similarly, Abhinav Bindra who shot for India’s first Gold Medal at 2008 Beijing Olympics retired this year from Olympics by standing 4th in the event.

Abhinav Bindra at Rio Olympics :

Abhinav Bindra may have lost and not won any medal in Rio Olympics but he continues to be the CHAMPION HE WAS. Abhinav Bindra will remain the biggest name in the Indian Olympic History. Abhinav Bindra will continue to be idol of millions of Indian preparing for Olympics. Abhinav Bindra will continue to be the man who made Indian Flag Unfurl for a Gold at Olympics.

According to Indian Express, Abhinav Bindra faced a Rifle Malfunction just before the final shootout at the Rio Olympics. It was also reported that Abhinav Bindra fell on the floor as his gun’s eyepiece. Well, what happened with Abhinav at Rio Olympics was really sad but the way Abhinav shot with a replaced gun was commendable.

It would surprise you to know that the difference between the 3rd and 4th position holder was of 0.5 points. The Olympian who won Bronze medal scored 10.5 points while Abhinav scored a 10 pointer. What happened to Abhinav was surely sad and unfortunate but this in no matter brings down the amount of Glory and Respect Abhinav got for his homeland.

With the Rio Stint, Abhinav’s Olympic stint also ends. He will not be participating in any of the Olympics here onwards. As reported in Morung Express, Abhinav Bindra will not even be picking up his gun for hobby shooting. According to the news, Abhinav will never ever shoot not even as hobby. We can decipher the pain of losing in Olympics clearly in this statement. No matter what, Abhinav Bindra will continue to India’s biggest Champion.

Here’s why we should cherish Abinav’s Successful Stint at Olympics 2008 even when he crashed out in 2016 Olympic:

Abhinav Bindra is the epitome example of fighting against all odds and registering a Gold Medal in Olympics for India. Abhinav trained himself with the best of coaches and infrastructure he can afford and helped India get its first Gold.

In coming future, India may turn out to be as successful as China is at Olympics but Abhinav will remain the first ever Indian to win an Olympic Gold medal. Abhinav Bindra will continue to be the first Indian individual to win a Gold in Olympics.

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