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Meet Ajay V. Bhatt – The USB Inventor And An Amazing Engineer By Profession

Ajay V. Bhatt is not a name, but a change in the world of technology. This short and sweet success story of Ajay will explain to you many special qualities about this special person.

Name: Ajay V. Bhatt

Place of Birth: India

Current Location: Oregon, USA

About Ajay V. Bhatt :

Ajay Bhatt is an Indian-American architect, who has assisted in the development of many widely used technologies. USB (Universal Serial Bus), AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port), PCI Express, and various chip improvements are some of his well-defined inventions.

Bhatt completed his graduation from the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, India. He attained his master’s degree from The City University of New York, USA. Soon after he completed his masters, he joined Intel as a senior staff architect.

To share further, Bhatt holds about 30 US patents, and several others are in the progress. He was nominated thrice in three years to participate in a Distinguished Lecture Series at various prominent Universities of USA and Asia region.

Bhatt has also received an Achievement in Excellence Award for his amazing participating and efforts in PCI Express specification development, 2002. Ajay became popular and recognizable after a TV commercial in 2009, which featured actor Sunil Narkar as Ajay Bhatt, who described him as an inventor of USB.

To tell you more, As reported by (TimesOfIndia TOI) Bhatt is also a winner of the European Inventor Award by European Patent Office. He was a sharp child and was always fascinated about gadgets. It is no wonder that he has entered engineering by his choice. His significant contribution has made an amazing impact that not only proved beneficial to his career, but also to various other technologies based companies.

Inventor of the USB :

Bhatt is among ‘The 50 Most Influential Global Indians!’, July 2010 issue. He has been an inspiration to many young aspiring engineers. He is also known as the ‘Inventor of the USB’. With the technology changing every minute, there is always room for something more foolproof. The process of transferring data much faster and saving it for future records became pretty fascinating for others to believe.

He also shared a few thoughts of his experiences (cnn.com); “I truly get a rock star treatment and that is quite unusual to me — people asking for your signature, people asking for your picture.” It makes sense; when humble people invent something great, they are not really used to this kind of stardom as they are very modest. Bhatt also explained in his words the objective of his inventions; “I don’t do these things for money, I did this to bring about change, and it’s not very often that somebody gets a chance to bring about this big a change.”

To share a fact, the USB technology didn’t make money for anyone. His company Intel, who owns all patents to the USB technology, decided to keep it open and royalty free right from the start of the launch. Well, this only shows how warm and social friendly is the company.

Bhatt also shared his experience of working with his company, Intel. He said; “As an engineer, I’ve been handsomely rewarded by the company, and I couldn’t do this kind of work anywhere else. I have nothing to complain.”

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Motivational Facts :

Wow! What an amazingly humble personality. Despite, this massive success and recognition, Bhatt continues to remain helpful to others. He strives to explain the purpose of his inventions. He could have easily got lured by his USB project and earned an amazing deal. However, Bhatt wanted to let more and more people see this change in technology.  It only shows how approachable he is towards others.

Many people call him senseless for having lost millions of dollars through his invention, but Bhatt continues to dedicate his time in contributing to computer industries. He has come a long way of dedication, hard work and success. He is currently working with 35 companies to create a standard for stylus pens. This project will allow all companies to work under one common universal technology. Now, that’s what I call an invention.

Ajay Bhatt is a rare inventor who doesn’t give credit to himself for his achievements. He gives credit to his team who listened to him and believed in him. He took everyone’s opinions whenever he launched something and he continues to do the same. People like Bhatt believe that it is easy to boast about your self-achievements, but it takes efforts to hear the same compliments from others about you.

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