Amin Dhillon

Amin Dhillon, a beauty queen’s success Journey from Miss India Worldwide Canada to Media Personality

About Amin Dhillon

Amin Dhillon was born in Manitoba, Canada. Amin Dhillon completed her graduation in commerce from University of Manitoba. Amin had a soft corner for pageants and for beauty contests since very beginning. It was her passion and her zeal to succeed at it that made her a success in later life.

Career in Modeling:

Since the time her college got over Amin Dhillon was keen to try modeling and grow successful at it. It was her desire to succeed at everything that she does that opened new doors and turned her into what she is today.

Amin Dhillon today gets to interview the best of Bollywood Stars; she gets to enjoy company of highly successful models and actors. Amin Dhillon is one of the few names people trust when it comes to inside Bollywood stories. Over the time Amin Dhillon has turned into someone, who brings the best of use to the world. Amin Dhillon is not just a media person but also the bird that spreads happiness by sharing good news.

Amin Dhillon entered her first beauty pageant contest when she was 23 years old; Amin ranked among top 5 contestants at the event. It was the time when her career started to take off. It was in the year 2009, when she was awarded with the title of Miss India Worldwide Canada without even participating in it. Later in year 2010, Amin represented Canada at Miss India Worldwide Pageant and was ranked among the top 10 contestants.

Amin’s experience and achievement in the world of modeling and beauty contests is amazingly superb and good enough to inspire the younger generation that follows. Amin Dhillon is one of those rare beauties that has brains; it is Amin’s implementation of skills that today she has a firm place
in the industry and continues to enjoy the limelight.

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Amin’s Career in Media

Amin was born to be in front of camera; her charismatic personality and indomitable will to succeed not just impresses people but inspires them to do something equivalently good. Getting over her winning run at various beauty contests, Amin decided to pursue the career in Media and here she is today as one of the most popular and reputed media person.

Amin have had some of the amazing opportunities through her small career stint in media. Amin has worked hard and acquired opportunities that pushed her career to the next level.

Dinning with the stars:

Amin is now roaring on cloud nine; it is impossible for anyone to catch her because she is dinning with the stars. Amin was the first media person to bag an interviewing opportunity with Salman Khan, when he visited Canada recently. Amin’s expertise and reputation helped her grab the opportunity and she ended up making the most of it.

There have been instances where Amin was selected over hundred thousands of media person to represent a particular house or to conduct huge events like Times of India Film Award aka TOIFA.

When we say, Dinning with the Stars, we are talking about Plural. Amin has not only interviewed Salman Khan in person but also the super duper couple Abhishek Bacchan and Aishwarya Rai Bacchan as well. Interviewing the lovely couple got her more fame and limelight that her entire pageant runs did. Amin is here to go places and it is just the beginning for the beautiful lady.

Amin’s achievement in the eyes of Viral Indian Diary?

Starting from nowhere and then ending up interviewing the top stars like Aishwarya Rai Bacchan and Salman Khan is surely some achievement. Amin has worked her way hard to the top and she is here to stay. Her smile and her positive energy are infectious on the screen and she tends to kill everyone with her beauty.

Amin continues to be one of the most popular media persons because of her unique style of questioning and engaging people in conversations. Channels and publications are fighting to hire her for events.

From where we see, we find Amin to be living her dream life. She has not only made India proud but has also inspired a generation. There are many in India and Canada who wants to grow popular and spend time interviewing stars like Salman and Aishwarya.

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