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Wishberry’s Anshulika Dubey Transforms Your Ideas into Realities

Wishberry is a platform to bring new and innovative ideas to life. The idea of Wishberry came in the mind of Anshulika Dubey. She is on a mission to fulfill as many ideas as she can from India.

Name: Anshulika Dubey

Profession: Co-Founder, COO for


About Anshulika Dubey:

Anshulika Dubey is a bright young champion, who handles the entire Sales & Marketing of Wishberry. She knocked down an amazing job offer from the US to be a part of Wishberry. While she worked as an Analyst at McKinsey, she discovered the idea of crowd funding. The concept got her so much engrossed and thrilled that she left the opportunity to work in the US.

Recently, the company has funded over 200 projects and generated Rs. 4 crores from more than 10,000 fund raisers across the globe. Out of these numbers, 80% of them belong to India.

Talking about Anshulika’s academic background, she was an average student. The chapters of Science and Math were nightmares to her, as she could not understand a heck of it. Anshulika was fonder of English and she did her English Honors from Miranda House. She was always keen to become a journalist; but sooner, she realized it’s a thankless job and dropped her interest.

Being a girl who always wanted to socialize, Anshulika showed interest to enter the social sector. She praises McKinsey as the company taught her many things that helped to polish her own personality and skills.

She started Wishberry in 2012 after closely studying a lot about the social sector. Anshulika is among those few people who realized that the reason many of us fail to achieve success is because we stop dreaming. As per this thoughtful woman, dreams help us to bring ideas to reality. She beautifully portrays the idea of success; ‘if you dream of an idea, you will stop dreaming further, as the idea won’t let you sleep thereon. This is the first step towards success.’

About Wishberry Concept:

Wishberry is a risk free platform that helps to raise funds for your ideas and bring them to reality. The company does not work on the grounds of financial gains or charity; it helps you to get your projects noticed.

The ideas may vary from various subjects like; arts, music, dance, theater, film, comic, product design, fashion, publishing, food, games, photography, and apps.

The concept of Wishberry works on a very simple three step process:

  1. If you have an idea, pitch it by uploading a small video.
  2. Publicize it on social media and spread the message through your friends.
  3. Get interesting rewards and popularity that money can’t buy for you.

The objective behind this concept is to bring funds and social acceptance to your projects. It will support you to get more customers, audience, and popularity at a very minimal cost. One of the advantages of this platform is that you retain the control and ownership of your idea.

Motivational Factor:

Isn’t this something new? After going through the whole concept in depth, various ideas are floating in my mind too! I am amazed to know that there are people who are supporting the others at no personal benefits. It is like your idea and their efforts. This lady has some spirit in her. At a young age, if she could come up with ideas like these, I wonder where she would be in a few years’ time.

According to Anshulika, we keep worrying about the goals of life so much that we unnecessarily start pressurizing ourselves. In the midst of this, we blame ourselves for our failures. However, we fail to realize that failures are bound to happen due to external circumstances, out of our control.

If you ask me what I understood behind this entire story, I realized that failures are our expectations that exceed the reality. All we need to do is go with the flow and concentrate on our idea more than the return. We often focus on the return as soon as an idea hits our mind. This is the root cause of all issues happening in our life. If you follow this for at least one idea of your life, slowly, you will see the returns following you.

‘Chase the ideas and the returns will chase you.’

_Shruti Sharma


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