Devashish Mamgain Co-Founder Applozic

Devashish Mamgain Co-Founder and CEO of “Applozic Inc. – Which offers White label Real Time Chat & Messaging like WhatsApp” Shares Their Startup Story

Q. Please tell us about yourself.

I’m Devashish Mamgain, Co-Founder and CEO of Applozic Inc. A Computer Science Engineering graduate previously worked with successful startups like Webyog, Xora and Azuga.

Q. How did you guys think about Applozic?

There are three things we look up in any mobile apps or websites today: Location, Payment and Communication. Google and Stripe have made it extremely easy for businesses to integrate location (maps) and payments respectively with no hassle of development. But, when it comes to real time communication, especially chat, there were no reliable and easy solution available. This very problem seeded Applozic in late 2015.

Q. Introduce your Co-Founders/Team.

Adarsh Kumar (Co-Founder) and He has worked together at Azuga and Xora in the past.

Education: B.Tech (CSE) from West Bengal University of Technology.

Work Experience: 5+ years at successful startups like Xora and Azuga.

Q. Explain more about Applozic, what makes you special?

Applozic offers white label Real Time Chat & Messaging SDK which in simple words enables WhatsApp like functionality in any web and mobile app with no development or infrastructure overhead. The below mentioned features of Applozic makes it different from others:

* Cross Application communication
* Fallback to Email and SMS
* Integration in less than 15 mins
* Customizable UI
* No server infrastructure required.
* Dashboard with rich insights and analytics
* Great support: Our documentation is more of a step wise instructions for integration, however, we also help businesses to quickly integrate over Skype call or remote connection.

Q. What challenges did you face while setting up Applozic?

We struggled to make businesses believe that so much could be accomplished through real time chat and messaging while keeping their customers within their platform rather than pushing them to other platforms like WhatsApp, Skype, Hangouts etc for communication. Reaching out to the prospective businesses was little challenging but we are on it. If we are passionate about what we do, we can easily get over with the hypes like “market is not ready”, “businesses don’t realize the value”, etc.

Q. What’s the Current status and Future plan?

Currently, most of our customers are from:

  1. E-commerce specially marketplaces (Buyer – Seller chat)
  2. Real Estate (Property owners – Buyers communication)
  3. E-learning (Teacher – Student communication)
  4. Health-care (Doctor – Patient communication)
  5. Entertainment and Communication (events app)

We are heading towards AI backed chat bots and we will add support for various mobile app development platforms, we already support PhoneGap, Ionic, Xamarin and we will expand to other popular platforms in next 6 months.

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